It was drizzly…

and dull for a few days including all weekend so when I did go to the plot earlier in the week I wasn’t surprised to see that slugs and snails had eaten various plants including some of the climbing French beans and a few of the sunflowers.

The rose Pretty Lady had sadly shed virtually all the flower petals so I’ll have to get dead-heading.


Cosmos corner is looking a bit sparse at the moment but there are plenty of plants and seedlings, and even a few flowers like this Sonata White.


However round the other side of the dog rose the self-seeded cosmos from last year are doing really well with a carpet of foliage

The pot marigold seeds I sowed on the main flower patch last week are already starting to show, and elsewhere there are plenty of flowers like these yellow ones under the cornus.

The other flowers are candytuft Fairy Mixed Colours which are self-seeded.

I’m still picking a few rhubarb stems every couple days or so, and this morning I picked the first strawberry with lots more to come.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

14 thoughts on “It was drizzly…”

  1. The marigolds are looking brilliant. You have reminded me that I grew candytuft when I was little, they’re very pretty. Those self-seeded cosmos are doing well, you’ll have masses of flowers there in time I think. I’ve got one or two flowers on mine so far. I’m growing double click varieties this year, in rose and cranberry. Also chocolate cosmos, but they’re rather a different plant, not sure if they’re actually related. CJ xx


    1. CJ thanks. Candytuft are lovely flowers. They sure are, and I hope so. I look forward to seeing pictures of yours. The chocolate ones are cosmos atrosanguineus rather than bipinnatus. xx


  2. We haven’t had much rain here at all, we’ve had some overnight but I don’t mind that. It looks like you’re going to have a good showing of cosmos and your marigolds are doing well already.


  3. Lovely marigolds. Pesky slugs and snails can do so much damage. Wet weekend coming up here, just in time for a big family camp! At least l won’t have to worry about watering! Have a good weekend Mike. Andy xx


    1. Andy I’m glad you like them. They sure can, do and have done. That’s a shame, I hope that it’s not too wet, and you enjoy yourselves. Thanks, and you too. xx


  4. The pot marigolds are stunning. I bought some flower seed packets at half price from an online nursery, which included cosmos and zinnias and sunflowers, and only got them sown last weekend, but they’ve already germinated. Enjoy your rose deadheading!


    1. Nikki providing I dead-head it will generally keep blooming well into November, albeit much less floriferously Thanks, I agree and will sow more candytuft next year. xx


  5. I like the way nature is popping up on your plot according to her whim, though not necessarily according to your plotting plans.

    If the bugs and slugs like your beans, they must be good. Cogitation required on how to protect some veggies to harvest for yourself.

    Have a good and much warmer weekend than ours, Mr F. xxx


    1. Menhir yes I do too, and it’s one reason my plans are generally flexible.
      They’ll eat almost anything, including onion leaves. Generally I can tolerate any losses without trying to protect anything.
      Thanks, I hope that it’s not too cool there. xx

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  6. A curse on your slugs and snails! Hopefully Pretty lady will bounce back quickly with a fresh flush of blooms. I think you’ll be inundated with cosmos soon, what a show they’ll put on. Oh, how sweet your marigolds look with the


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