There’s been another…

couple of days of wet and windy weather, especially on Friday,  so this morning’s visit was  to look round,  chat with a couple of plot neighbours then home before it started raining.

Here are some of the more unusual poached egg plant flowers, the white variety Meringue.

I’m still waiting to plant and sow both flowers and vegetables, and hopefully will be able to make a start from mid-week onwards providing the weather forecast is right and it’s calmer, drier and warmer.

Still on the windowsill at home are the cosmos, sunflowers and tomatoes I want to move to the plot to harden off then plant out.

The cosmos couldn’t wait and most of them have started flowering like this Sonata White, which is 5 in/12 cm tall with a  1 in/2.5 cm dia flower.



Take care, and have a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

20 thoughts on “There’s been another…”

  1. A symphony in white! Those poached egg flowers with veined white petals are so delicate, while the “ I can’t wait” Sonata white cosmos is charming.


  2. That tiny cosmos is amazing, flowering already. I have put half of mine out, half are still waiting. I do love your white poached eggs, so pretty. Wild winds and rain here at the moment. The runner beans have just about been finished by it all. Everything else is looking surprisingly good though.


  3. It’ll be nice to enjoy the cosmos at home until you get chance to take them to the plot. Fingers crossed for a better week, weather wise, ahead.


  4. The Sonata White Cosmos does look keen. It looks very happy on your windowsill. We’re having weather no better than yours, though, I do wonder if it is warmer at your end of the country. xxxx


    1. Menhir it sure does, on both counts. I haven’t checked but would guess that it’s been a bit warmer here, but still feeling chilly some days. xx


  5. It feels like slow progress this year, but some times I have to wait till almost September to see my cosmos flower … and there you are with flowers already! White poached egg plants are a nice, demure addition.


  6. I did enjoy Liz’s comment! Spot on. The purity of the whites in both plants is just gorgeous. Like Jo says, you do get to enjoy the cosmos while waiting to plant it out. Here’s to some warmer, calmer


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