Planting and sowing

During last week I planted out all the onion sets Sturon, along with twelve of the red variety Rosanna which I was given to try.  Since then I’ve checked the rows each day to make sure that none have been pulled out of the ground by birds, and so far I’ve only had to replant two.

Next week I’ll be planting out the two rows of first early potatoes Pentland Javelin, a variety I’ve not grown before.

At home I’ve sown three of each tomatoes Gardener’s Delight, Golden Sunrise and Outdoor Girl, and one Red Robin.  I also sowed various flower seeds, mostly cosmos and sunflowers.   Yesterday afternoon I noticed that the first seedling, a pot marigold Oopsy Daisy, was just starting to show and this morning there were a couple of others.

On the flower patch lots of self-seeded seedlings are now appearing, mostly pot marigolds as shown in the left-hand picture.  There are plenty of others showing elsewhere, including this nasturtium.

It’s going to be an up and down week weather-wise reaching 20 C/68 F on Tuesday and then dropping to 11 C/52 C by Saturday but remaining dry, and thankfully less windy.

Take care, and have a good week!

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14 Responses to Planting and sowing

  1. Lovely to see seedlings up! I shall be pot planting too this week. Had my first covid vaccination and feel wonderfully positive about this spring! Hope it is the same for you! Xx😀


  2. There is something exceptionally disciplined about planting only three tomato seeds per variety. I just have to plant 5 or more. (Five looks symmetrical in the pot and gives me a couple for trading/giving away.) Always a joy to see seeds germinating, whether deliberately sown or self-seeded!


  3. CJ says:

    Like Frogend dweller I always go a bit overboard on tomato sowing. I used up lots of older seed this year, so only one new variety I think. Last year’s Indigo Rose wasn’t a huge hit because of the colour, although it did quite well. Thompson & Morgan are supposed to be sending me three free packets, and I see there are quite a few varieties claiming to be blight-resistant now, so I might be able to find a replacement for Ferline, which I grow quite a bit. Good to see your flower seeds coming up. I’ve sown some cosmos which came up very quickly. The forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday looks positively hot! CJ xx


    • Flighty says:

      CJ I think that most people do. Good for you, It’ll be interesting to see how your new variety does. It sure is. Yes, my cosmos are now showing. It does indeed, so enjoy. xx


  4. Liz says:

    When you say “three of each (3) tomato varieties”, are they from new packets or are they “seed sharing”?
    So birds like onions?
    Am happy your “Flighty’s favourites” are appearing!


    • Flighty says:

      Liz I buy new seed every year. I pass any unused seeds on to someone who makes good use of them by growing/selling plants for charity.
      No they don’t thankfully, they just pull them out the ground then leave them.
      Me too, there are lots all over the flower patch. xx


  5. nikkipolani says:

    Dry and less windy sounds terrific for pottering. Here’s to a great new season!
    Flighty’s favorite marigolds are blooming in self-seeded spots, too. Saw my first nasturtium bloom today 🙂


  6. Jo says:

    It feels good to get the sowing started. It’s a beautiful day here today and we’re set for the same tomorrow.


  7. snowbird says:

    Good to know your onions are planted, mine are too and I’m keeping a sharp eye out for bird disruption too. Isn’t it just lovely sowing those first seeds and seeing the seedlings? You just can’t beat


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