I was pleased…

to look round the plot earlier in the sunshine as I’d only been there during once last week.  Early yesterday morning it snowed but quickly turned to sleet then rain so I was expecting to it to be worse than it was, although it’s much too soggy to do anything.

On Thursday I was told that the horticultural society order for seed potatoes was being delayed a week or two, and that some of the varieties ordered aren’t available so alternatives have had to be chosen.  Thankfully my favourite variety Charlotte wasn’t one, and the other ones we have substituted are all acceptable.  I didn’t think that the potatoes I grew last year would last as long as they have but I’ll be using the last two today.

The week ahead looks unsettled with some more heavy rain but two days should see temperatures above 10 C/50 F which is welcome.

This sunflower picture was taken last August.

Take care, and have a good week!

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16 Responses to I was pleased…

  1. Liz says:

    Your weather in south east England sounds similar to what we are experiencing here in central Kentucky. I’m ready for spring!
    Was an explanation given for the absence of some of the usual potato varieties? Disease? Brexit?
    Have a good week.


    • Flighty says:

      Liz I sympathise, we could both do with better weather. Me too.
      I’m guessing that it’s to do with a smaller potato crop than usual last year, which coupled with a bigger demand has resulted in a shortfall.
      Thanks, and you too. xx


  2. CJ says:

    Lovely to see some summer sunflowers. Nice and dry here today and not cold at all, which is nice. No chance for gardening though, too much work to be done. Have a good week, CJ xx


  3. Andy Randall says:

    You must have had a brilliant potato harvest to just be finishing them now! Pity about unavailability of some potatoes, not surprising really considering all that happened in 2020. We too had snow yesterday but today is bright and sunny so managed a good long walk this morning. Good to see those “sunny” flowers, thank you. Have a good week. Andy x

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    • Flighty says:

      Andy it wasn’t really a good year with both the size of them and yield being slightly down. It is, and I agree although it was mostly down to the weather. I’m sure your walk was most welcome. I’m glad you like the sunflowers. Thanks, and you too. xx


  4. Jo says:

    Such a beautiful photo, just what we need to cheer us up. It snowed all day here on Thursday, on Friday it froze so it’s hung around until today when we’ve had a bit of sunshine and the thaw began. I’m glad you’re able to get your Charlottes, I know they’re your favourite, and it’s always fun to try something new alongside the old favourites.


  5. Snap with the weather Flighty! I also had a potter on Sunday in the sunshine, I was surprised to see some plot holders working as it was still quite cold but nice to see some friendly faces and have a catch up from a distance. Glad that Charlotte potatoes are still on the way to you, they’re one of my favourites too and I will also be growing them again this year. Thank you for the summer colour, lovely to see! Take care and have a lovely week xx


    • Flighty says:

      Karen I’m not surprised. Good for you, I’ve not seen anyone on my site for a couple of months. Me too as they’re the one variety I grow every year. You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it. Thanks, and you too. xx

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  6. snowbird says:

    Beautiful sunflowers. Good to know you will be getting your seed potatoes. Goodness, your spuds have certainly had a good run.xxx


  7. nikkipolani says:

    Every time I read about your Charlottes, it makes me wish I could grow potatoes 🙂


  8. I enjoyed seeing the sunflowers, a nice look back to summer days 🙂

    All the best Jan


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