In complete contrast

I’ve now finished clearing and roughly forking over the three vegetable growing areas. Apart from hoeing off any weeds that appear they’ll now be left alone through to next year.

In complete contrast the flower patches are still full of plants and colour with pot marigolds, cosmos, sunflower, nasturtiums and nigella all flowering.  I didn’t dead-head the pot marigolds when they finished flowering the first time,  just collected seeds, and they’re now starting to flower again.


Providing the weather stays dry and reasonable over the coming weeks I’m hoping to empty out the compost bin.  It was a job that I wanted to do early in the year but it was too wet.  If I don’t then it can wait until late winter or early spring next year.  That’s the only major job on my to do list at present.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

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16 Responses to In complete contrast

  1. Liz says:

    It must feel good to have so many garden chores completed. Well done!


  2. Andy Randall says:

    You’re WELL ahead of the game this year, well done. All those flowers sound lovely. Have a good week, Andy x


  3. Jo says:

    It’s good to have lots of jobs crossed off the to do list already, I always hate playing catch up when spring comes around.


  4. menhir1 says:

    September is slowing down your physical plotting, though I bet you are constantly mentally plotting out your allotment for 2021. It is pleasant to have a lazy, hazy days of late flowering, colourful plants. xxx


  5. CJ says:

    It’s lovely to have the flowers looking so good late into the season isn’t it. I’ve got a big dahlia that is really hitting its stride, and cosmos and pelargoniums as well. And the mint and oregano have come back beautifully from their trim. The garden rarely looks this good at this time of year, it’s lovely. It sounds as if your plot is doing beautifully as well. I hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx


  6. Oh, I am feeling behind in my chores now. Will you use your compost? I think it’s a tricky job turning the compost, heavy work. I love calendula and mine are about to start flowering again


    • Flighty says:

      Dorris I’ve still got plenty of little things to do. I’ll heap the compost up and leave through to late winter/early spring before using. I don’t turn my heap, and only empty it out every year or two. Good for you and I’m not surprised. xx

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  7. snowbird says:

    It’s good to hear that you are ahead of the game re the veggie plot and how lovely that your flowers continue to delight. They are


  8. nikkipolani says:

    Such an orderly progression. But nice to see another round of those cheery blooms.


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