Into August

This week I’ve picked the first tomatoes – an Alicante,  a few small Gardener’s Delight and a Golden Sunrise.

There won’t be anywhere near the quantity that I generally grow, but that just means I won’t be giving many, if any, away, as I end up usually doing.  There are four more plants, two each Golden Sunrise and Outdoor Girl which I planted out later and may do better.

I also picked a couple of sweet corn Lark cobs which were so-so as they on the small side and the grains hadn’t formed all the way to the tip but they tasted okay all the same. At one stage I didn’t think that I’d get any so these, and more to come, are a welcome bonus.

I lost the first two cucumbers I planted out so sowed a couple of Marketmore direct.  They both germinated and started out okay but then lost one.  The remaining one is doing well and has lots of flowers mostly hidden under the leaves.

This sunflower is the tallest one I’ve grown this year, and is around 6 feet/1.8 metres.  The flower isn’t very big but it is surrounded by a handful of buds which will more than make up for that.

Tomorrow, over the weekend and into next week the temperature looks like being well over 30 C/86 F which is way too warm for me so my plot visits will be early and brief.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

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29 Responses to Into August

  1. gertieanne says:

    Am always fascinated by the fact that your seasons and often, even the weather, seems to mirror that in Gertie’s Garden in London UK Flighty. I have been collecting tomatoes for the past few weeks now and had beautiful pot Marigolds when you did, tho’ mine are all orange; not the pretty shades that you pictured. It would be lovely to see you pop in to Gardenclickers sometimes. Anne

  2. Anonymous says:

    Me too, Flighty. I can’t cope with the heat these days. 😀

  3. Sunflowers are such a cheerful looking flower 🙂
    Yes 30C is far too hot for me, I will be taking things slowly, and keeping well hydrated too.

    Enjoy your weekend, and stay as cool as possible.

    All the best Jan

  4. Andy Randall says:

    Lovely looking toms and good luck with Marketmore cuc, l love them. None of my tomatoes are red yet, though an abundance of green ones, am hoping that the next few days of hot sun will start to do the trick. Like you l will not be venturing outside except first and last thing. Can no longer take the heat like l used to. Have a good weekend Mike, Andy x

  5. Liz says:

    Your tomatoes look wonderful, as does the sunflower.
    You have my sympathies with the heat in London. Here in Kentucky we’ve been blessed with a brief period of what I remember as perfect English summer days — low to mid 70sF and low humidity and sun and a few clouds.

  6. CJ says:

    The tomatoes look excellent. Mine are still a way off ripening, I definitely sowed them too late this year. They are still quite short. Two cucumber plants here with small fruits on. I hope you have a good weekend and that it cools down soon for you. CJ xx

    • Flighty says:

      CJ they taste as good as look as well. I’m sure that they’ll catch up and still do well for you. Thanks, not until at least mid-week by the look of it. xx

  7. snowbird says:

    The tomatoes that you are harvesting do look good. It’s a strange year here too re tomatoes, I don’t think I’ll be giving many away either. Oh, that sunflower is

  8. Jo says:

    Why won’t you have as many tomatoes as usual? Have they not done as well as they usually do or have you grown less this year? My plants are pathetic this year, there isn’t half the amount of fruit on them as usual and the first tomato is only just starting to ripen. Oh well, we all know that some years are better than others. Lovely to see your sunflower. One of my self seeded ones flowered yesterday, a welcome splash of colour in the garden.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo none of these plants have much fruit on them. That’s a shame, they sound just like mine. Thanks, it sure is. Self-seeded ones always seem to do well. xx

  9. All my cucumbers Marketmore died after I planted them out which was a great shame. However to my surprise I found a seedling coming up in an ornamental planter of black-eyed Susan, So I put it in the vegetable garden and so far is doing fine but no cucumbers yet. I hope your solitary plant thrives too. Xx

  10. menhir1 says:

    Looks like your cucumber has determined a coverall of leaves for itself. Maybe there’s a message there. Good luck with that one.

    Take care, have a good weekend Mike. xxx

  11. Doris Potter says:

    Your sunflower is gorgeous, Flighty! Do goldfinches eat the seeds sometimes? They do that here.

    • Flighty says:

      Doris thanks. It’s likely they do but more often seen eating sunflower seeds from garden feeders in recent years. On the plot they tend to eat cornflower and teasel seeds. xx

  12. Your sunflower looks great. Only one of my sunflowers has flowered so far this year and it must be a dwarf variety as it’s only one or two foot high!

  13. nikkipolani says:

    Nice post with a peek into your plotlife. The tomatoes look delish. Which have the thinnest skin?

  14. Jade says:

    Such an amazingly tall and beautiful Sunflower!

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