Yesterday it was windy…

all day, gusting to well over 40 mph, so today I was relieved to see that there had been minimal damage when I looked round.  The climbing bean canes are still standing although the plants look slightly worse for wear, and the sweetcorn plants are mostly okay as are the sunflowers.


I’ve rather neglected the tomatoes and they are now a sprawling jungle which I’ll have to spend time sorting out during the coming week.

There is plenty of fruit showing and some are now starting to ripen so it looks like I’ll be picking the first ones next week.



I had planned that cosmos corner would be white and yellow flowering varieties but most of the self-seeded plants are pink/red/white in various combinations.

Not that I mind as I prefer these variations to the plain ones so I’ll be collecting seed for next year.

Next week I’ll be continuing to lift the remaining onions and more potatoes, and as it looks like being fresher I may even start to do some digging.

Have a good week!

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12 Responses to Yesterday it was windy…

  1. Liz says:

    When I was growing up in England, tomatoes were usually greenhouse plants, so seeing your ripening fruit outdoors is an eye opener for me. I remember my grandfather trying his hand with sweet corn, which he called maize, and being thrilled with one tiny ear!
    The cosmos colors are lovely.

    • Flighty says:

      Liz I have similar memories. New varieties of both, along with a changing climate, have made it possible to grow both successfully outside.
      They sure are. xx

  2. Jo says:

    It’s been gusty here too, and still is! My tomatoes are starting to ripen now too, I’ve picked the first proper bowlful this week, such a treat.

  3. Lovely variation in cosmos flowers! I found a mouse nest in my potatoes for the first time ever. Xx

  4. Doris Potter says:

    I love your Cosmos portraits – one of my favourite flowers!

  5. nikkipolani says:

    I think the pink cosmos tend to dominate. At a previous garden, I used to have a stand of them and each succeeding year would result in more uniformly pink ones.

  6. Jade says:

    Love all these self-seeded cosmos as much as those white and yellow ones.

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