Tree following, February 2019

Liz – The plant catalogue said witch hazel Arnold Promise which blooms during February and March. I ordered it and 38 years later it still only blooms in November which makes it a native Hamamelis virginiana.

It stands in front of my dining room window here in Lexington, Kentucky where I love it for its form.


Here are close-ups of the blossom remnants and a few leaves that have hung on in this crazy up and down winter weather.



Mike – I like apples and generally eat one most days.  There were two in mum’s garden, one eating the other cooking, so apples often featured as puddings.  One of my favourites has always been apple and blackberry crumble.

I mention this as the apple tree that I’m following is surrounded by brambles with stems growing up through the tree.


Our thanks to Pat, The Squirrelbasket, for hosting Tree following.  If you want to see what it’s about, and maybe even follow one,  please click on the link over on the right-hand side.

Have a good weekend!


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20 Responses to Tree following, February 2019

  1. Liz says:

    Now that takes me back to my youth, picking blackberries along the lanes to join apples in a pie or crumble. Will look forward to your apple tree’s progress this year.

  2. snowbird says:

    I have the same witch hazel Liz, so will enjoy comparing mine to yours, mine is in bloom now.
    Looking forward to hearing more about the apple tree Mr F. xxx

  3. Jade says:

    Interesting witch hazel. Will follow updates on it
    Apples are our family’s favourite too. But, we only get to enjoy imported ones as our weather is not suitable to grow them. Will follow updates on the tree.
    Thanks and have a great weekend to you both!

  4. Flighty says:

    Liz I’m looking forward to seeing your witch hazel through the year as I know little about them. xx

  5. Both your trees look like they will be full of interest throughout the year!
    All the best 🙂

  6. nikkipolani says:

    Takes a bit of adjustment when a specimen isn’t quite as advertised! Glad your tree is still to your liking all these years later, Liz.
    Looking forward to seeing how this apple tree does this year, Flighty.

  7. Hollis says:

    38 years! Terrific to have a tree-friend like that. Is crumble something like crisp? I only know apple crisp, but I’m sure blackberries would be a great addition.

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