Yesterday it was…

the Newton Park Horticultural Society‘s Annual show held at the local community church hall.  I was there all day helping and stewarding, and generally enjoying the event.  I also entered six classes which won four firsts, all vegetables, and two thirds for flowers.  That’s not quite as impressive as it sounds as three of the firsts were in novice classes with only one other entry.  Having won these I can’t enter them again next year so will have to up my game so to speak if I enter in other classes.

This picture shows some of the vegetable classes, including potatoes and tomatoes, with some of the dahlias along the back.

Despite everyone saying what a challenging and difficult growing year it’s been there were still around three hundred entries.  What was particularly pleasing was how well two new-comers, both women, did.  One entered about thirty classes which won her plenty of prizes and two cups.  The other entered just three giving her two firsts, including the runner beans, and a second.  Both were surprised and delighted as the well deserved results.

The serious growers and showers showed just what can be achieved as exemplified by this  vegetable collection.


As usual the flowers classes were dominated by dahlias including these three raspberry coloured pom-poms and this colourful  one.


There were some fascinating cactus and succulents on show including this well marked and shaped aloe.

Entries in the domestic classes, shown in a smaller hall,  were noticeably down this year as two of the usual entrants were absent.

The day passed by all too quickly with the morning  spent setting entries out, then judging before lunch. It was open to the public for a couple of hours in the afternoon before the prizes and cups were awarded. By five o’clock there was no sign that the show had been held.  It’s all thanks as usual to several dedicated society members headed by show secretary Christine that it’s held at all, and is as good as it is.

Needless to say I hope to be there again next year helping and stewarding, and entering a few classes which may perhaps win me a prize or two.

Have a good week!


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24 Responses to Yesterday it was…

  1. Linda Penney says:

    Awesome update thank you for sharing and blessings as well

  2. Bet you are tired today! Looks amazing, I love these shows, such a great tradition. Well done for you and others like you for keeping them going. Well done for your victories! x

  3. Carrie Gault says:

    You’re a total winner! Both in the veggies and for doing all the hard work stewarding. Well done for taking part in the competition as that would be scary enough for me, oh being judged – eek! Hugs and well done x

  4. Liz says:

    Well done, for your winning entries, and for helping and stewarding. Horticultural shows are rewarding in and of themselves. The photos from Newton Park are impressive. I thought the aloe was a bird of some sort at first!
    Congratulations to the organizers and participants.

  5. menhir1 says:

    What a great sociable way to spend your time. You had some nice results. Why do you think the preferred floral entry is Dahlias; is there any regional or growing reason?

  6. CJ says:

    Sounds like a great day, some very impressive entries, despite the tricky growing conditions. Well done on your prizes. CJ xx

  7. What a wonderful post. I adore horticultural shows and miss them hugely. Huge congratulations on your excellent wins!

  8. nikkipolani says:

    This annual event always sounds so friendly and welcoming to newcomers. Congrats on your wins. Will have to see what you do for next year’s entries!

  9. Jade says:

    Sounds really interesting and fun to me! How I wish we have that kind of show here.
    Congratulations on all your wins! Hope you enjoy yourself all the same next year!
    Thanks and same to you!

  10. Faye says:

    Looks like a fun way to celebrate a summer of hard (but enjoyed) graft. Congratulations!

  11. snowbird says:

    Some mighty fine exhibits here, those carrots particularly! Well done on your firsts!xxx

  12. hencorner says:

    This is exactly how I spent my day today!

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