Sofa reading, May 2018

The author Anthony Horowitz has written over 100 books, being best known for his bestselling teen spy series Alex Rider.   Magpie Murders is a stand-alone novel, published in 2016, which we’ve both read recently and this is what we thought about it.

Liz – Anthony Horowitz has written a tour de force, sharp and funny being a whodunit within a whodunit and oh so clever! A book editor narrates her experience whilst reading the final draft of a book written by her publishing house’s best-selling author.  Magpie Murders is a homage to the mystery writers of mid 20th century Britain.  The protagonist, Atticus Pund, is a detective in the manner of Hercule Poirot, although German not Belgian. He undertakes the investigation  of two deaths in the peaceful West County village of Saxby on Avon.  Of course nothing is as it seems.  The draft comes to a sudden end  with the solution left hanging.  The editor is then drawn into a voyage of discovery  to track down the missing chapters.  Full of word play and anagrams, with the editor’s story shadowing the book draft this novel is nothing short of delicious.

Mike –  Although I enjoyed reading this book I found that I faltered about half-way through, and it took considerably longer to read than I expected.  It’s certainly clever and well-written but I think perhaps a novel within a novel makes it just a touch too complicated for my taste.  Despite my reservations I would certainly recommend it as a worthwhile, and of it’s kind somewhat different, read.

Please note that there probably won’t be any Sofa reading posts for the next few months as it’s taking a summer break.

Happy reading, and have a good weekend!


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16 Responses to Sofa reading, May 2018

  1. Jo says:

    It sounds like an interesting concept. I haven’t read anything by Anthony Horowitz but Daniel read some of his books when he was younger.

  2. Linda Penney says:

    Thank you for sharing have a blessed weekend

  3. CJ says:

    It certainly sounds different and worth a read. My middle boy read half of it by mistake, assuming it would be a children’s book. I’m hoping it wasn’t too violent! He stopped when I realised it was actually a adult novel. We certainly have lots of Anthony Horowitz’s other stuff about the place. I hope you both enjoy your break from sofa flying. Time to get out in the garden! CJ xx

    • Flighty says:

      CJ despite my reservations I think that it was well worth reading. There’s no real violence in it so I think that he could read the rest if he wanted to. I’m not surprised in view of the author’s popularity. Thanks. It sure is. xx

    • Liz says:

      CJ. That’s funny, that your son was reading Magpie Murders because he likes the Alex Rider series. I found MM quite tame when compared to other thrillers/mysteries, but found the “story within a story” clever.

  4. snowbird says:

    I’ve read quite a few books based on a novel within a novel! I shall give this a whirl if I come across

  5. I will get this for my week away. It sounds good. Thanks Flighty

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