This week has alternated…

between wet, windy days and sunny, warmer ones.  This morning saw a slight frost but thankfully the grapevine, hydrangea and potato foliage are all okay.


At home I’m down to these last two stored onions, and will now have to buy them for the next four months or so.  The various tomato seedlings on the windowsill are growing well.


The sweetcorn Lark seeds that I sowed in pots during last week have started to appear, but there’s no sign yet of the cucumber Marketmore.

With sunny and warm weather forecast through the weekend into next week I’ll be direct sowing the rest of the annual flower seeds, including California poppies (eschscholzia californica).  I’ll also be planting the various gladioli corms which are mostly white and/or yellow. I was given a handful which are a much more dramatic colour which I’ll probably put in a container.

Have a good weekend!

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18 Responses to This week has alternated…

  1. Jo says:

    Those onions look super specimens, you’ve done well lasting right through winter. The weather hasn’t been too bad here, we’re forecast a good weekend so I hope that’s right with it being a bank holiday.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo I think they are two of my prize winning ones, and yes I have. That’s good, and finger crossed that we all have a good weekend. xx

  2. Ali says:

    It feels so good when you can safely direct sow and plant out, doesn’t it? I am officially hardening off my annuals from today! Such a momentous moment to bring out all those perfect little babies, and prepare for them to be nibbled a bit!

  3. Jade says:

    Happy to learn that your plants are alright despite the frost. And that the weather would be in your favour until next week. Happy planting and sowing!

  4. Looked to be good onions.
    I will be planting poppies and other annuals. I cannot wait any longer

  5. Your tomato seedlings are sprightlier than mine! Looks like you have lots to enjoy. Have an excellent weekend!

  6. Sharon says:

    Great looking onions. How do you manage to store them so well?

  7. Menhir1 says:

    Sounds like a productive week is coming. The plantlings are doing well. I understand cucumbers take their time to do anything significant and I do wonder if it will need to be a lot warmer (and for longer) than it is now.

    Have fun. Xxx

  8. Liz says:

    Like Sharon, I wonder how your onions have kept so well. The tomato seedlings look very happy.

  9. snowbird says:

    Good to see all that new growth surviving the frost. Oh, mighty fine onions, shame you’ll have to buy lesser quality ones

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