With fondness and a smile

Regular readers will know that Liz over in Lexington, Kentucky had two dogs, Charlie and Dulcie, who have appeared here occasionally.

In her email to me last Friday Liz wrote…Sadly Charley is going downhill. I have been lucky to have him live another year after being being diagnosed with congestive heart failure in March 2017.  So enjoying Charley while I have him is precious time. 

He’s seen here back in January 2016 enjoying sofa flying.

Sadly Charley collapsed over last weekend and Liz took him to the emergency vet to be put to sleep.

Yesterday Liz wrote in her email…It’s empty without him.  Poor Dulcie is bewildered. She wouldn’t walk round the park with me this morning and she’s been curled up in a chair most of the day.  She can’t be an only dog, which Charley loved, for long. 

Earlier today Liz’s email said…Poor Dulcie has been so out of sorts that I took her to the humane society this morning and put a hold on a ten month old black terrier-mix pup. Think we’ll call her Sophie.  Here she is getting acquainted with Dulcie. 

My mum always said that we should remember our pets with fondness and a smile, which I’m sure Liz will do with much loved and missed Charley.

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36 Responses to With fondness and a smile

  1. Liz says:

    Mike, That is so very kind of you to remember Charley (his nibs) in your post. We are indeed lucky to have our pets. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Dulcie and her new friend, Sophie, say thank you too. Fondly and with a smile. . .

  2. oh it makes my heart break to read about poorly dogs. So pleased they found a new chum

  3. Susie Dixon says:

    The poem Rainbow Bridge always helps me at times like this. We have the joy of our dogs, but also the pain. Love Susie xxx

  4. CJ says:

    It’s heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet, Liz is in my thoughts. I hope Sophie manages to cheer up Dulcie. CJ xx

  5. snowbird says:

    Awwwwhh…how heartbreaking Liz, I really do feel for you. Goodbye dear Charley, and hello beautiful, lucky Sophie. I’m so glad you found room in your heart to take on another needy gal. Fondly, and with a smile….xxxxx

  6. Jo says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. What a beautiful boy who I know will be very sadly missed, they do leave great big holes in our hearts when they’re no longer with us. I do hope Sophie will help with Dulcie’s grieving for Charley, I’m sure a ten month old will keep her on her toes. I think your mum was right, if we can remember our pets with fondness and smile then they’ve been wonderful companions who have enriched our lives.

  7. Nichola x says:

    Aw how terribly sad and also sad to read how poor Dulcie is affected too. It’s amazing how they form bonds between themselves as well as humans and I’m sure Dulcie will be remembering Charley with a doggy smile too!

    • Flighty says:

      Nichola it sure is. I agree , and hope so too. xx

    • Liz says:

      Nicola, I think you’re right about remembering with a doggy smile. Dulcie has perked up a bit in the past couple of days, but having a rambunctious pup around is taking some adjustment (for her and for me)!

  8. Doris Potter says:

    Such a touching post. I hope the bond between Dulcie and Sophie will become in time as strong as that which Dulcie and Charley enjoyed. Animals (both domestic and wild) are far more complex than most people realize.

  9. So sad to hear of a loved pet passing, but the only answer for all the sad ones left behind is to find space for a new pet to love!

    • Flighty says:

      Cathy it is, and I agree with you. xx

    • Liz says:

      Cathy, it’s been “Pet adoption week”here in the U.S. Sophie was one of several dogs brought from a southern county to the Lexington humane society because they had so many strays that they were going to have to euthanize them. It’s so sad. Liz

  10. Guatyen Koh says:

    That is very sad but also glad that Charley was so loved. Dulcie reminds me of our dog Chewie with that spot on her back. I hope Dulcie will feel better soon with Sophie’s company.

  11. Linda Penney says:

    Lovely update and thank you for sharing Flighty, and blessings as always

  12. So sad for you Liz, it is heart breaking. Sending you love x

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