I was pleased…

to be able to do plenty of plotting on four mornings during last week.  I dug up one clump of crocosmia, thoroughly forked the ground over then added plenty of compost.  This is now the new strawberry bed where I’ve replanted ten younger plants.  I then dug up all the old strawberry plants then roughly forked the area over.  I will be adding a couple of barrow loads of compost before digging it over again.  I’ll be planting the gladioli here, along with the cosmos.

I dug up and replanted the Michaelmas daisies moving them away from the dogwood tree.  I think that I will be sowing nigella/love-in-a-mist in this area.  As  you can see the tete-a-tete daffodils are now beginning to flower. All week the robin was a constant companion, and on Friday the female one came and went a couple of times.   I also caught a glimpse of a handful of goldfinches in a tree on a nearby plot.

The yellow primula on the windowsill at home has been flowering well since I got it three weeks ago and last week I bought this white one.  I’m hoping to dig out my compost heap this coming week, as well as sorting out the flower area around the dustbin lid pond where the poached egg plants grow.

Have a good week!


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22 Responses to I was pleased…

  1. Lucy Corrander says:

    This looks fantastic. I’ve been delayed on my plot first by a weakening cold then another week of snow so there is lots to do and the ground is soggy.
    About strawberries. Wonder if you could advise. I’ve inherited a densely packed strawberry bed. I’m thinking of extracting alternate plants so there are spaces to lead runners to later in the year. (And stirring chicken manure pellets into the gaps both to give a bit of nutrition to what’s already there and to prepare the ground for the runners.) What do you think?

    • Flighty says:

      Lucy thanks. Don’t worry, and wait for the ground to get drier.
      Re the strawberries I would do as you suggest but if you can move the runners to a new bed either in the autumn or early spring that would be better. Don’t worry if not just dig out the unwanted plants in the autumn and put compost round the ones you’re leaving be. xx

  2. Linda Penney says:

    Awesome update Flighty thank you for sharing have a blessed week

  3. I love tête à tête daffodils too.Every year I buy a few bulbs in a pot so they can flower inside and then I plant the bulbs out to flower next year in the garden. The funny thing is how short they come up the second year! Xxxx

  4. Jo says:

    You have been busy, and it shows, your plot is in great shape. We woke to snow again on Thursday but luckily, it didn’t hang around this time. I hope the better weather continues into this week for you so that you can get the jobs you’ve got planned done.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo I was lucky with the weather so made the most of it. That’s good of you to say. I guess that you’re thankful that it didn’t linger this time. Thanks, me too. xx

  5. Liz says:

    My goodness, you’ve been busy! The plot looks great.
    When do you sow the nigella? I have a packet of Miss Jekyll Blue and it says to sow in “early spring”.

    • Lucy Corrander says:

      I’d be interested in the answer to that too – when a packet tells you to sow something in spring . . . when is spring? I have only one packet that is vague like that but it still flummoxes me.

    • Flighty says:

      Liz I sure have. Thanks. I generally direct sow those, and most annuals, during April and into May. Surprisingly nigella can be sown as late as August to flower in early October. xx

  6. menhir1 says:

    The Primulas look, for all the world, like fancy sunnyside up fried eggs. You have been very busy, Lots of useful exercise. What will you do with the crocosmia?

    The plot has a nice outline, it will be visually very attractive. Xx

    • Flighty says:

      Menhir I agree they do. I have indeed. The exercise was needed as I’ve done too much armchair gardening recently. I’ll give the crocosmia away or bin it.
      Thanks, I certainly hope it will. xx

  7. CJ says:

    You have been working hard. Gorgeous little tete-a-tetes, I bet they’ll look lovely in the sunshine once they’re in full bloom. You’ve reminded me I need to empty my compost bin as well. Lots to do out there all of a sudden! Have a lovely week Flighty. CJ xx

  8. Caro says:

    It was lovely to have a few days of sunshine after being cooped up during the snow. Your plot looks very tidy and ready for the new growing season. I’ve a few plants to move too, it’s a good time of year to do it, although everything here is just beginning to leaf up. xx

  9. I love that primula and the daffs are marvellous. Every year I plant lots of small daffs but I could swear many don’t come up. Mice? Squirrels? Damp? Who knows. Worth it though. Have a lovely week. The sun is out here in London today!

    • Flighty says:

      Julie good for you. That’s a shame, it could well be squirrels. Thanks, and you too. I spent the morning on the plot, but the ground is really too soggy to do much. xx

  10. nikkipolani says:

    How tidy everything looks. My daffs have been thwarted by some digging creatures. They are just now (end of March!) poking out of the ground.

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