A primrose, and potatoes

Last Sunday I bought this primrose, which was £1, at the horticultural society trading shed.  There were various colours available but I like yellow as it’s warm looking, and contrasts well with the green leaves.  Since then a couple more flowers have unfurled.

I was told that there’ll be more on sale this coming Sunday so I may treat myself again,  perhaps  a white one.

I’ve now used the last of my stored potatoes and had to buy some for the first time since last summer.  The ones I’ll be planting late March and early April, ground conditions and weather permitting, are all chitting well in the spare room.  Yesterday I hoed and weeded the area where they’re going, and then started to spread compost over the surface.  The ground is looking good, turns over easily to fork depth, and there are plenty of worms to be seen which both robins were making the most of.

Have a good weekend!


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20 Responses to A primrose, and potatoes

  1. Susie Dixon says:

    I have tried twice to grow potatoes in raised beds. I am a complete novice at growing vegetables🙂. On both occasions all I got were a few tiny potatoes! I fed them etc(bought them ready chitted). Help, all advice will be gratefully received.

  2. menhir1 says:

    The soil sounds very healthy. The primrose is a nice little specimen. I have a few varieties, which, when the weather allows, propagate themselves. Elsewhere, that process might be more vigorous and be useful for ground cover. Yours is a very sunny colour. Xxx

  3. CJ says:

    The robins are never far away at this time of year are they. They were watching me weeding the raised beds the other day. Your soil sounds fantastic, let’s hope you get a good crop again this year. Great that your potatoes lasted all the way into February. CJ xx

  4. I think I have the same yellow primrose on my kitchen table! Very cheering!

  5. Liz says:

    The yellow primrose is so cheery; primula vulgaris are one of my favourite springtime memories of England.
    I am envious of your soil! It’s too wet to dig here.

  6. Primroses are so cheery. Thanks for sharing Flighty

  7. Jade C says:

    My soil has a lot of worms too. Only that the birds were never around whenever I loosened my soil.
    The primrose is very beautiful. And as you said, the colour yellow is really warm indeed.

  8. Linda Penney says:

    Awesome update thank you for sharing Flighty blessings

  9. What a pretty little primula! x

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