Most Sunday mornings…

I take a look round the plot then go on to the horticultural society trading shed.  It was noticeably chilly today so I didn’t linger except to admire plot neighbour Fran’s gorgeous chrysanthemums.


This morning I was officially on duty but since it was a quiet morning I spent much of it chatting, drinking tea and eating biscuits or cake.

I met Lily, a new friend, who’s a really lovely and rather special black Labrador as she’s a Guide Dog for the Blind.  Needless to say I gave her a couple of biscuits.   Unfortunately I forgot my camera so didn’t get any photos of her.

It looks like being another mostly dry, but rather chilly, week ahead so I’ll be plotting as usual most mornings.

Have a good week!


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...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.
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22 Responses to Most Sunday mornings…

  1. Jo says:

    It’s so cold here today, the weather’s definitely on the turn. Lily sounds like a beautiful dog, I think she definitely deserved her biscuits, guide dogs are so hard working.

  2. Chloris says:

    A frost tonight I think.

  3. CJ says:

    That pink chrysanth is gorgeous. Sundays are made for pottering, chatting and eating biscuits aren’t they. It’s definitely chilly here now, and lots of dripping dewy mornings. I miss my allotment a lot, I’d love to go and have a look and see what the new people have done to it. Not too much I hope! I shall pop down there before too much longer I think. Wishing you a good week down at yours. CJ xx

    • Flighty says:

      CJ both good bright colours. They are indeed. It’s been the same here. I’m not surprised, and I hope that you won’t be disappointed if you do take a look. Thanks. xx

  4. Liz says:

    I never think of pink chrysanthemums, but that is a really pretty one.
    Looking forward to seeing a photo of Lily. Bet she enjoyed her biscuits.

  5. menhir1 says:

    I see you are cultivating a new friend with biscuits. Nothing but the best. 🙂

    Those flowers must be semi hardy, they really are vibrant.

  6. Caro says:

    Sounds like the ideal morning to me, Flighty. Tea, biscuits, chat and a new friend – perfect. The temperatures have definitely dropped since last week but I was out yesterday and found it was okay as long as I kept moving. Stay warm and happy plotting! Caro xx

  7. What is your favourite biscuit? Your post made me hungry and nostalgic for English biscuits! Xx

  8. snowbird says:

    They sure are mighty fine chrysanthemums! Tea, cake, biscuits and the lovely Lily sound good. Just what’s needed on these chilly

  9. karen says:

    Very pretty and cheerful. Sounds great to me. Have a lovely day, Mike xx

  10. nikkipolani says:

    Goodness, those chrysanths are like gems. Glad you met a new canine friend.

  11. Love the chrysanthemums, such wonderful colour.
    I must say that tea, cake, biscuits and Lily sound very good.
    Guide dogs for the Blind are so wonderful.

    All the best Jan

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