It was the 2017…

Newton Park Horticultural Society‘s Annual Show yesterday where I was helping, stewarding and showing after an absence of some years.  It was again held at the local Roxeth Community Church which I’ve not been to before, and have to agree with everyone that it’s a good venue with a light and airy main hall and a couple of other rooms for some of the classes and for refreshments.

There were just under three hundred entries, slightly down on last year mainly due to a regular serious dahlia grower/shower not being able to attend.  Here are many of the flower, fruit and vegetable exhibits set out ready for judging.

I’d entered nine classes including a truss of the black tomatoes just as talking point as I knew that they wouldn’t win a prize. My other eight entries won four firsts, two seconds and two thirds which surprised and delighted me.  Three were in the Novices Only category winning a first, second and third. The French beans and onions both won first prizes, with the latter being particularly pleasing as I was up against some previous winners. One of the white pattypan squashes was awarded a third.

In the Other Floral Classes I was delighted to win a first prize with my pink Cosmos.

The last of my entries was a picture of Foxy in A Photograph – Garden Visitors which came second to a superb robin photo which I certainly would have chosen as the clear winner.

My winnings came to the grand sum of £2-80, just over double the entry fees, and I then spent most of it on some yellow tulip bulbs.

After a delicious lunch the show opened to the public for a couple of hours, and it was good to see a steady flow of people looking round. I joined them and had another look at the colourful array whilst chatting with some of them including Martin, a onetime fellow shed helper, who’s sadly not in good health.

Three entries which caught my eye were these lovely dahlias,  an unusual succulent and a wonderful Harvest Festival basket.


All too soon it was time to hand out the various cups, trophies and other prizes to the winning exhibitors.

There was an overflowing surplus produce stall which had nearly sold out by the time we packed up.  My contribution included lots of French and runner beans, three patty pan squashes and some tomatoes.

It was a long and busy, but most enjoyable day which went quickly and smoothly. Christine, the show secretary, has already provisionally booked both the venue and judges again for next year and I’ll be there trying to emulate this year’s successes.

Have  a good week!


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32 Responses to It was the 2017…

  1. Betty Farruggia says:

    You did really well Mike, congratulations! I especially love your Cosmos, they are beautiful.

  2. Oh Flighty, your description is everything I love and miss about England and it made me want to pack my bags and get home straight away!
    Congratulations on all your prizes and for allowing your readers to enjoy the very particular pleasure of an English horticultural show 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

    • Flighty says:

      Cathy thanks for your lovely comment. I was talking with a Japanese lady at the show who said that she loved how English it was.
      Thanks again, and it’s nice to know how much you like this post. xx

  3. Liz says:

    Well done, Mike, on your well-deserved success! The cosmos do look so pretty.
    Liked the picture of the show room to get an idea of the layout in addition to your description of the event.
    Does the Horticultural Society’s Show have floral design entries too?
    Onward and upward!

    • Flighty says:

      Liz many thanks. They were the best of the five colours I had as possibles.
      It’s a really good venue with a high ceiling, lots of natural light and well ventilated.
      No it doesn’t sadly. Yes indeed. xx

  4. CJ says:

    Wow, fantastic successes, and very well deserved. I bet it was a great day. Love the dahlias as well, such petal perfection. Glad you had a good time. CJ xx

  5. Doris Potter says:

    Congratulations on very well deserved wins Flighty!

  6. Nichola x says:

    Wow Mike how fantastic! What great results for you I’m so pleased 😁

  7. menhir1 says:

    This is so evocative of the Agricultural shows, where it is likely you would find a tent or two, displaying produce, including a big corner for children’s entries, usually linked to a scene theme, and another including crafts and flower displays.

    Super results for you Mr F, and highly gratifying for the efforts you put into tending and producing your veggies, flowers and pictures. Congratulations!

  8. Faye says:

    Lovely post! It looks like it was a great day out, and perhaps a little good spirited and friendly competition can provide an extra lift to the enjoyment of growing? Congratulations on your impressive awards haul.

  9. Linda Penney says:

    Well done, another lovely update. Thank you for sharing, have a blessed week.

  10. VP says:

    Well done Mike. I’m looking at everyone’s allotment and garden society’s shows with different eyes as I’ve just been invited to be a judge at one of my local shows. I hope I can make a decent fist of it – I’ve only showed my produce previously!

    • Flighty says:

      Thanks. I’ve always found what the judges had to say, both when judging and afterwards, really interesting. I think that in most cases the winning exhibits are clear cut, and I’m sure that you’ll do well on the day. Good luck. xx

  11. Well done! Great cosmos. How brilliant the show is still going so well. Made me feel guilty for not joining in my own local show. Next year.

  12. Well done you, brilliant results! I agree that dahlia is a stunner, did you get a name for it? So next year you will be exhibiting again? x

  13. nikkipolani says:

    It does look like a great venue for a show — lots of bright light to view those gorgeous flowers and produce. Congrats on your many well-deserved wins! Sounds like a really enjoyable day all ’round.

  14. snowbird says:

    That does sound like a wonderful day! You certainly did well, congratulations! Your cosmos are beautiful, not surprised they won! Excellent to hear Foxy came second!xxx

  15. Guatyen says:

    Congratulations on winning those prizes! So glad you enjoyed your day and good luck for next year. That succulent plant is indeed very unusual.

  16. karen says:

    Wow, you did really well. Well done Mike. I thought your cosmos were really beautiful and deserving of first prize. Well done for your beans and onions too. To get 4 firsts, 2 seconds and 2 thirds out of 300 entries is fantastic. I’ve seen all the work you put in at your plot and I’m delighted you’ve won all those prizes. Enjoy your week. Love karen x

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