It’s always nice when

… I get to meet an online friend as I did on a Sunday morning at the end of May when I met Liz who regularly comments here and guest writes on the Sofa reading and Tree following posts. She was over from Kentucky, along with her daughter Mary, on a garden tour and before going home the next day I showed them round the plot then we went across to the horticultural society trading shed for a cup of tea and a few biscuits. It was a lovely morning and a real pleasure meeting Liz.

…other bloggers mention, and link to, this blog as Rich did a few days ago in his Sharpen your spades blog in the post 10 highlights from the grow your own blogs: June. His kind words are much appreciated.

…I see that Elaine over on The Rosebank Diaries has posted again after a break of several months. It’s always been one of my favourite blogs with wonderful pictures.

…I come across a new allotment blog that I really enjoy reading as I recently have with Faye’s Look what I dug up today. Her plot is in south-east London, and has a snazzy shed.

…I get home from the plot to find that Karen, who has a colourful sky garden on her 17th floor flat balcony, has sent me a delightful little gardening book. Her note said… I saw this and thought of you.  I’ll be doing a gardening books review later in the year and will include this one.

…I see that the weather forecast for the coming week is looking ideal for plotting.

Have a good week!

(My apologies for the lack of pictures in this post, and probably the next few as well. I’ve loaned my desktop PC to a friend for a couple of weeks so I’m doing this on my Chromebook where I’ve got to get reacquainted with Google Photos.)


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...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flyer.
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22 Responses to It’s always nice when

  1. Good morning Mike, how lovely to hear of your meeting with an online friend, what a treat! I was thinking the other day that it might be a good idea if there were ‘bloggers’ meeting tents set up at RHS shows?? I’d love to meet fellow bloggers over a cup of tea, what do you think? Maybe there are things like that in place already? Anyway, off to do some hedge cutting with hubby, and by the way, your posts are great even without pictures! Have a lovely Sunday xx

    • Flighty says:

      Jenny hello, it was indeed a treat meeting Liz. Garden bloggers do occasionally meet up at events, etc. Probably the best place to look out for them is on the Garden bloggers Facebook group.
      I hope that the hedge cutting went well, and that’s good to know. I did thanks, and hope you did too. xx

  2. Jenny says:

    It is always good to meet online friends, in real life, so to speak. I have met three up to now and just felt as if I had known them forever.

  3. Liz says:

    Hi Mike! It must be six Sundays ago when Mary and I showed up at your plot. What a lovely morning it was and we got to see everything in real time and enjoy the tea and biscuits in the horticulture shed and meet your plotting neighbours. As your fellow readers will no doubt be aware, your plot is pristine, not a weed in sight! Thank you for hosting us. Good times to remember.

  4. CJ says:

    It’s great to connect with others in the blogging community isn’t it, whether in person or virtually. I shall go and have a look at the other blogs that you mention. CJ xx

  5. nikkipolani says:

    Oh my goodness! How fun is that to meet Liz in person!

  6. Nichola x says:

    It’s a wonderful feeling meeting online folk you have built a good connection up with! I’ve been lucky enough to meet 2 recently. I love how everyone are all so supportive & this post demonstrates that even further by sharing other blogs! A great appreciation posts Mike. A pleasure to read as always 😊

  7. Faye says:

    Hello! Belated thanks for your mention of my new blog, Lookwhatiduguptoday!

    I’ve been reading/lurking on your blog for quite some time. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously and have learned quite a bit too. It’s hard work, this blogging business, but very good fun. Hopefully sharing my cautionary tales might encourage others out there to keep at it.

    • Flighty says:

      Faye hello, and welcome.
      That’s nice to know. Thanks. Like plotting blogging does get easier over time. The important thing with both is to enjoy doing them. xx

  8. Chloris says:

    Lovely to meet up with a fellow blogger. I have met 3 so far and it is always a treat.

  9. snowbird says:

    How wonderful to meet Liz…all the way from Kentucky! It certainly was good to see Elaine back!xxx

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