It was ten years ago…

this week that I signed the Form of Agreement for Letting for the allotment garden numbered 124A, otherwise known as Flighty’s plot.

At that time I was still working, although only part-time, and have since retired so over the past few years have been able, weather permitting, to spend a few hours most days year round happily plotting, pottering or just pondering. The benefits to my general well-being have been considerable throughout this time.  I live in a flat and don’t have a garden which has to be one of my few regrets, but the plot has certainly made up for that in most ways.

These two pictures were taken this morning and looking at them make me reflect on just what I’ve achieved in the past ten years.  I like to think that my mum, a life-long passionate gardener, would have approved.

Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

41 thoughts on “It was ten years ago…”

  1. Super! If I can say I remember some of what you say, I’ve obviously been around the trail a long time 🙂

    You seem to have carved out a great structure of use for your allotment, without it looking so. You have a real variety of blending activity going on in it.

    Congratulations on your decade long achievement. And yes….I am sure your mum would be very pleased and proud that she passed on her gardening passion to you. It’s a great gift.


    1. Menhir thanks. Good for you, I think that we both have.
      Perhaps that’s because I look on it more as a garden than an allotment.
      Thanks again. I’m sure you’re right what you say about mum. xx


  2. So glorious . I’m sure your mum would love the oasis of beauty you’ve created. It’s quite an achievement. Just goes to prove that you don’t need to own a garden to grow flowers and veg. Like you say, it’s good for you too. Here’s to the the next 10 years. Well done xx


  3. Happy 10year anniversary!! I think it’s a wonderful achievement that you have held it for 10years. You certainly seem to get a lot of pleasure from being there & it’s lovely to read what you get up to!


  4. Marigolds and corn flowers, potatoes and roses, sweet corn , runner beans, broad beans and tall teasels for the birds – your plot is a slice of perfect heaven! Thank you so much for sharing the photos . When I retire ( soon please!) I hope it will look just like this . Xxx


  5. Congratulations on 10 years, that’s a brilliant achievement. Two brilliant photos, the plot is looking amazing. It’s great that you can feel the difference it’s made to your life. I’m certain your mum would be proud of you. CJ xx


  6. Happy 10th anniversary at the plot. This morning’s weather was made for your photos of flowers and veg areas and would no doubt have made your mother proud.
    I’m in agreement with an earlier comment. It would be interesting to see “before and after” photos.


  7. Congratulations. I’m sure your mum would have loved the plot and she’d be very impressed by the way you keep it beautifully maintained. I think allotments are ideal for people who live in flats without a garden of their own, nothing benefits the health more than getting outside in fresh air, and what could be better than eating home grown food too.


  8. The benefits of gardening and nature for general well being is much to be grateful for. Corn flowers and marigolds look lovely together, I will have to try this combination in my little patch. I am sure your mum would have approved very much Flighty. Happy weekend!


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