Sofa reading, May 2017

When I received Liz’s email about her book choice for this month the author’s name was only vaguely familiar so I checked it out on Fantastic Fiction.  I found that Charles Todd is the pen name of the American mother and son writing duo Caroline and Charles Todd. They have written twenty books in the Inspector Rutledge series set mostly in post World War One England, and another nine mysteries featuring WW1 nurse Bess Crawford .

Liz… My book club assigned a mystery for this month and although I’m not a regular reader of them I was in the right mood and found  A Fine Summer’s Day  featuring Inspector Rutledge to be an engaging read.

It’s the fifteenth in the series and is a prequel to these popular books.  It takes place in June 1914 when Rutledge and his sister, Francis, are both recently orphaned young adults and it falls to him to look after her well-being. Unlike his peers he decides to follow his muse and become a policeman then a detective. This is not a career with regular hours and the case he’s involved in means travelling to various places in England which stymies his social life in London.   Needless to say the shadow of war in Europe looms over the fine summer and plays it’s part.

Mike…Rather surprisingly I don’t think that I’ve read any Charles Todd books so I’ve decided to read the first ones in both these series as it’s a period which I find interesting.

I found that A Test of Wills, the first Inspector Rutledge book, was available as an ebook on Kobo as part of a four book bundle (the other three being the 8th, 9th and 10th books in the series) for the bargain price of £2-50 ($3-20). I’ve certainly enjoyed reading the first few chapters so far.

I also found a copy of A Duty to the Dead, the first Bess Crawford mystery, on the shelf at the local library which I’ve borrowed.  I’m about half way through and finding it a compelling  story.

Thanks to Liz it looks like I’ll be reading Charles Todd books for some considerable time to come as I work my way through all these books.

Happy reading!


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6 Responses to Sofa reading, May 2017

  1. Jo says:

    I’m not familiar with this author but the books sound very interesting. Glad you’re enjoying them.

  2. snowbird says:

    Both choices sound interesting! Both new to

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