Last and first

It’s nice to see that the last few daffodils are still flowering over the Easter weekend.  These traditional ones are a mix of single, double and triple flowers on one stem as can seen in this picture.

I’ve been mostly pottering rather than plotting the past couple of days, and whilst doing so I was surprised to see the first strawberry flowers already appearing.  I hope it’s an indication that it will be a good year for them.


Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, and have a good week!



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20 Responses to Last and first

  1. Jo says:

    There’s still a few daffodils hanging on here too, though the tulips are taking over now. Happy Easter, hope you’re enjoying the long weekend.

  2. David Ford says:

    nice to know your dafs are still going Mike ours went a while back, a happy Easter Sunday to you and yours, by the way I potter chat and garden in equal measure, but then I am 75 next month no point in rushing things

  3. Liz says:

    It’s been in the 80sF for the past few days here, so the daffodils have gone. Nice to see some bright fresh yellow in your post! Happy Easter Day.

  4. plot34 says:

    Nice to see your daffs understand the proper order of things. I have alliums about to bloom! and a green strawberry on an outdoor plant!

  5. CJ says:

    A few strawberry flowers here in the garden as well, but not down at the allotment yet – it’s a bit colder and more open there. Glad you’ve got some pottering in. A little of the same here too. CJ xx

  6. And you too! Love strawberries xx

  7. menhir1 says:

    Our first is your last. It is also good to see perennials coming to life. Too early for fruit flowers here.
    Hope your Easter weekend has been good to you.


    • Flighty says:

      Menhir that’s a clear indication of the difference between where we are. That’ not surprising.
      It has thanks, I’ve done plenty of plotting and reading. xx

  8. My wild and domestic strawberry plants are flowering too. The wild ones produce the tiniest flowers, but the taste is amazing! X

  9. snowbird says:

    I noticed strawberry flowers today, they are early this year! Here’s to a great

  10. karen says:

    Had to go and check after seeing your post. Yes, we’ve got strawberry flowers too. Do hope we have a good crop this year. We’ve still got some yellow daffodils. My husband bought a £30 sack for £2 in December and planted them at Christmas. They came up about 2 weeks after all the others. I love a bargain. x

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