More daffodils and some wildlife

In contrast to the daffodils that I’ve mentioned and shown here recently there’s also a group which comprise various colours and shapes of unknown varieties which I was given some years ago.

They include some which have multiple small white and lemon-yellow flowers on each stem.

There are also several frilly yellow ones,

and some white ones with either orange or yellow centres.


Although they’re pretty I’m not that keen on them so I may dig them up later in the year and replace with one or two varieties that I really like.

On Sunday morning as I was leaving the site I noticed a fox sitting on one of the grass areas. I stood and watched it for a few minutes until it padded away along one of the paths. It’s the best view I’ve had of one there in the last couple of years.

On Monday I stood on the plot and watched a crow pecking on the flower patch ground.  It then moved to the dustbin lid pond where it drank some water.   Yesterday as I arrived on the site the crows were making a right commotion and looking round they were congregated in the nearby fence-line trees.  Looking up I then saw three birds wheeling round, one was a crow whilst the other two were birds of prey, possibly sparrowhawks. Unlike the resident crows these birds are very rarely seen hereabouts so it was wonderful to see a pair.

Have a good weekend!


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29 Responses to More daffodils and some wildlife

  1. At this rate you’ll be so busy watching the wildlife that the brambles will take over! 😉 I wasn’t a fan of blousy daffs until last night, when I saw some in a bundle of cut flowers waiting to be arranged and they really lifted the little group. I’m not saying that I’m a fan, but appreciation is surely a first step along the road to liking a plant? That said, it hasn’t worked for dandelions!

    • Flighty says:

      Sarah I always have time to enjoy watching the wildlife. I’m sure that they look nice like that but they’re really not for me. I like dandelions just as long that they’re not on the plot. xx

  2. Jo says:

    I’m not a fan of those types of daffodils either but I suppose they all have their own place, they’re not ones I’d choose myself though. How lovely to see a fox at the plot and also the birds of prey, we get quite a few round here but when we were in Oxfordshire recently all you had to do was look up and there was always a Red Kite above. The restaurant in the hotel where we stayed was called the Red Kite Restaurant so it must be an area that’s known for them.

  3. CJ says:

    The daffodils are pretty, but I know what you mean, they’re not always my favourite. How brilliant to see two possible sparrowhawks, a really good spot. We have two great tits building a nest in our garden bird box this morning, we’re SO excited! CJ xx

    • Flighty says:

      CJ I agree with you. It was the noise the crows were making that made me look round then up. Lucky you, I’m not surprised that you’re excited. xx

  4. plotwoman says:

    I haven’t seen any foxes yet this year (although I hear them playing around the flats in the night) but there are loads of birds at the allotment – I saw a jay on my neighbour’s plot at the weekend which was a rare treat. The other bit of not so welcome wildlife was seeing a rat running towards me when I opened the allotment gates last weekend! It dashed off into the shrubbery but that’s one bit of wildlife I can do without seeing!! Hope you’re enjoying this lovely weather this week! xx

    • plotwoman says:

      PS. Oops, this is me, Caro at Urban Veg Patch – I’m fiddling around with a new WP blog and forgot to change my log in. Silly me! xx

    • Flighty says:

      Caro there are always lots of birds around at the allotments, but not jays which I hardly ever see. There are plenty of rats around but thankfully rarely ever see any live ones. Like you I could do without them. I certainly am thanks. xx

  5. Liz says:

    All the daffodils are lovely, but I too, favour the “regulars”. It has been a while since you mentioned seeing a fox. That was exciting. I had a goldfinch in my garden the other day and that was a highlight too. Good bird watching!

  6. Doris says:

    Lovely flowers and aren’t wildlife sightings a pleasant bonus?! 🙂

  7. apparently crows have an intelligence greater than a four year old child!
    All your daffs look lovely to me! X

  8. I look forward to seeing what you decide to plant. Have a great weekend too xx

  9. Christina says:

    It’s always a plus when wildlife likes our plots too!

  10. nikkipolani says:

    My, you’ve been awash in gorgeous daffs this year! The selections are quite lovely. I think my favorites are the unknown white with yellow cups. Seems the birds are enjoying your plot, too. Have a good weekend, my friend.

  11. Chloris says:

    I used to see a lot of foxes round here but I haven’ t seen one for years. They are a beautiful sight. Mind you they killed all my chickens a few years ago.

  12. snowbird says:

    I love the white daffs, so pretty! Lucky you having a fox, especially being able to watch it for a while. Absolutely wonderful seeing sparrowhawks too. They are such attractive

  13. It is always special to see a fox, especially a healthy well groomed one. Beautiful creatures. 🙂

  14. plot34 says:

    I don’t understand double daffodils. I look forward to hearing about your choices for replacement.

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