Plot, party and home


The only colour on the plot now are the strawberry leaves.

On the occasional sunny days I’m still digging out, and sieving, a wheelbarrow load of compost from one of the nearby communal wood chip bays. I’m now heaping it next to the blackberry bush to use in the spring rather than spreading it over the vegetable patches now.



Last Sunday morning was the horticultural society’s Christmas party held at the trading shed with free food and drink, and a raffle. Β There was a good crowd there and it was an enjoyable couple of hours, but I didn’t win anything in the raffle. Β It nice to see Bonnie, a lovely Battersea Dogs Home rescue dog, who I shared a couple of biscuits with.

top-of-the-christmas-tomato-treeWho needs a Christmas tree when you can have a tomato plant!

At home the Tiny Tim has two tiny fruit on it. There’s a red one ready to eat and a still green one right at the top of the plant which I’m hoping will be ripe by Christmas Day. Β  Note the little felt robin decoration!


I’ll be doing a post on Sunday and the one after that probably won’t be until Thursday 29th.

Have a good weekend!


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20 Responses to Plot, party and home

  1. CJ says:

    My strawberry leaves are looking much like that as well. Pretty when it’s frosty. I really ought to squeeze in a visit to the plot and see what those ocas are like. Still haven’t got round to it. And also have a last bit of clearing up. Also assess the state of the sprouts. I am hoping there will be a good selection for Christmas lunch. CJ xx

  2. Jo says:

    How lovely that you’re still getting ripe tomatoes off your plant, I wonder if it will set any more fruit. It’s nice that the horticultural society put on a party for the plot holders, I miss these kind of social occasions since giving up my plot.

  3. menhir1 says:

    Nature’s own decoration (or two). I too, really hope you have your Christmas tomato it sure would be the ‘icing on the cake’….metaphorically speaking, of course.

    A cute bit of fun. πŸ™‚


  4. Liz says:

    There’s a timely note to your post, with festive colours– in the strawberry patch, on your tomato plant/Christmas tree and your party! A home-grown tomato in winter will be a treat.

  5. karen says:

    Your strawberry leaves do look lovely and colourful. How lovely to have a Christmas party. That’s the only trouble,gardening at home means you are on your own. There’s only the family to share your gardening success and woes. I would love to have an allotment -but the village is a mile away. Have a great weekend Mike. Love Karen x

  6. karen says:

    Forgot to say- my Red Robin tomato has a few fruit on still in the greenhouse. Looks like the plant might last another year. I have never thought of keeping them as perennials before, but this one just keeps going. x

  7. I love your tomato Christmas tree, what a wonderful idea! The question is “how did you get the robin to sit so still?” πŸ˜‰ Have a good one xxx

  8. nikkipolani says:

    Cute! Hope your Tomatomas tree produces more ornaments πŸ™‚

  9. Always good to share a biscuit with a dog🐢

  10. snowbird says:

    I love your tomato Christmas tree, complete with robin! Here’s to that tomato ripening. You can’t beat sharing a biscuit with a

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