The plot was sparkling frosty…

yesterday morning and I found the ponds frozen making it a cold end to the month.

The rose Pretty Lady I showed a week ago looked like this.


The sedum flower heads were completely white when I arrived, and like this later on when the sun had started melting the frost.


oca-tubersEarlier in the week I dug up the oca tubers.

I wasn’t surprised to find that most of them hadn’t bulked up and were no bigger than cherries.  These are the biggest ones on an eight inch plate to give you an idea of their size. I’ll keep a handful to grow next year.  I’ll let you know what the rest taste like once I’ve cooked and eaten them.


Have a good weekend!


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19 Responses to The plot was sparkling frosty…

  1. Awesome update thank you for sharing and have a blessed day

  2. CJ says:

    You’ve reminded me I must go and dig up my ocas and see what’s there. I’m not expecting much either. If I like the taste I might try them in pots next year. CJ xx

  3. Jo says:

    It’s been frosty here over the last couple of days but it’s warmed up a bit today. Those oca are funny looking things, I’ve never tried them before either so I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of them.

  4. Liz says:

    The frost on the plants is a pretty sight, but a sure sign of the chilly weather to come!
    I’m really intrigued by the oca and interested to hear if you enjoy them.

  5. Doris says:

    Beautiful frosty photos Flighty!

  6. snowbird says:

    I too would be interested in finding out what the oca tubers taste like. Pretty Lady looks stunning

  7. menhir1 says:

    Ooh, the rose looks like a crystallised bon-bon, ever so beautiful even with her head weighted down by frost.

    Let’s know what the tubers taste like. They look like a radish.

  8. plot34 says:

    Beautiful frosty pictures.

  9. annie_h says:

    Its certainly been a cold end to the month, it got down to -2degrees in my greenhouse this week! be interesting to see how you find cooking and eating the oca, I’ve never grown then before. Very unusual.

  10. Allotmental says:

    I will try Oca in 10ltr pots next year and maybe a few in the ground. 👍

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