A sure sign of autumn

Thursday morning was sunny and warm but by mid-afternoon it had gone really dark with rumbling thunder and spasmodic lightning followed by hail and torrential rain. The service road outside was like a flowing river with water almost up to the top of the kerb-edge. Then there was a power cut for three hours.

Friday was damp and dull with a further power cut from before lunch-time through to well into the afternoon. I’m told that much of the allotment site was waterlogged, which wasn’t surprising.  Yesterday wasn’t much better, and looking round the plot this morning it’s clear just how much rain there’d been.

The forecast for the coming week looks like being dry but mostly dull so I hope to do some welcome plotting.

A sure sign of autumn are these bright red dogwood rose hips.


Have a good week!


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17 Responses to A sure sign of autumn

  1. Liz says:

    Those are magnificent rose hips. I remember as a child having rose hip syrup, Virol syrup (containing extract of malt), and cod liver oil administered daily!

  2. Jo says:

    I think we got away lightly here after seeing the amount of rain some people had, we had the thunder and lightening and some rainfall but not as much as in other places. The rose hips certainly are a sign of autumn though I’m still denying it’s upon us.

  3. CJ says:

    Still waiting for rain here. I had to water things today, they were flagging. Wishing you a good week of plotting. I’m hoping to spend a lot of hours at mine this week. CJ xx

  4. I think autumn has arrived here too! Last Tuesday we still had temperatures of 30c, now we’re down to 10c!!! I love the colours of autumn though.

  5. Chloris says:

    Water logged? Goodness that’ s a bit of a change from the dustbowl effect of the summer. We had some rain too, thank goodness, most plants have lost the awful limp- leaved droopiness. Not ready for autumn yet though.

  6. Allotmental says:

    I was happy it rained on Friday as it finally gave me some loose soil to work on over the weekend 😃

  7. The weather was terrible for so much of the country last week. Here, we got away lightly. The change in temperature was so sudden though. It was as if we had been transported to a different country over night! The garden is looking happier for the cooler temps and the little rain has worked wonders. I hope you can get back on your plot this week.

  8. nikkipolani says:

    Your autumnal weather appears to be arriving just on time. We’ve had some mugginess with a handful of giant raindrops, but no rain in sight for months to come. I’ve always wondered about rose hips tea, have you ever tried it?

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