Far too hot to plot

I spent most of Sunday and Monday mornings dead-heading my Flighty’s favourites pot marigolds.  With so many to do it did get a touch tedious but is a job well worth doing.

Pot marigold - 21  Pot marigold - 22

It was far too hot to plot on Tuesday so all I did was top up both ponds, water a few plants such as the climbing beans and tomatoes then have a good look round.  I was delighted to stand and watch a dragonfly flitting round for several minutes as it’s something I’ve not seen before whilst at the plot. They really are such colourful and fascinating insects.

Thankfully the forecast is for temperatures in the low 20sC/70sF through the weekend and into next week, and remaining dry, so I’ll should be back to doing some gentle plotting and more watering.

Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!


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26 Responses to Far too hot to plot

  1. Andy says:

    Your title says it all. I’ve seen the day when I could dig all day in this sort of heat but as I get older I’m struggling to carry water cans around the garden. Many of us spend months asking when summer will arrive only to regret it when it really does arrive 🙂 My poly tunnel the other day got to 45 deg C, I walked in, watered 8 or 9 pots, walked out dripping – I had forgotten to open 3 of the 12 windows. 2 or 3 days of this weather is enough for me, just to remind me how nice our normal summer days are 🙂

  2. Lovely update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

  3. Jo says:

    It’s far too hot to do anything in this heat, still, I’m not complaining, it might be all the summer we get. My Flighty’s Favourites are flowering away in my garden, they’re definitely enjoying the sunshine.

  4. menhir1 says:

    Stopping, taking time to “smell the roses” is a worthwhile pastime. xxx

  5. CJ says:

    I went to my plot on Tuesday for some watering as well, but not much else. No doubt it could do with more water by now. I deadheaded my Flighty’s Favourites the other day, and lots more flowers to come. Have a good weekend Flighty. CJ xx

  6. Just come in from weeding, mornings are best for me but don’t do mornings very well! Yes dead heading can be a bit monotonous but rewarding, Thank you for sharing my blog, very grateful. Happy gardening this weekend! Think I’ll be watering and mowing for most of it! x

    • Flighty says:

      Jenny I much prefer the mornings. it’s one of those essential garden jobs isn’t it. You’re most welcome, I’m enjoying your posts and pictures. Thanks. That’s sounds good to me. xx

  7. Mark Willis says:

    I’m in two minds whether to dead-head my Calendulas or not. I know that doing so will promote the production of more flowers, but I want to let the seed-heads ripen for next year’s seeds!

  8. Liz says:

    Mark (above) expresses my sentiments. To dead head or let the flowers go to seed for next year’s pleasure is a dilemma. It is hot here too, but the garden is colourful. It is nice to enjoy the displays at leisure. Happy gardening!

  9. Matt @ Garden59 says:

    It was too hot to do anything, never mind plotting 🙂

  10. nikkipolani says:

    Here, too. 103F is predicted for tomorrow. Today, I just watered and put up an umbrella for the new plantings. To Liz’s and Mark’s dilemma… laziness on my part usually decides it!

  11. Deadheading and watering, that’s strenuous enough for those high temperatures. Exhausting

  12. Allotmental says:

    Its been too hot and the clay soil has cracks all over. We need rain hahaha ☔

  13. snowbird says:

    It certainly has been hot! I loved those marigolds, especially the double. How lovely to get to watch the dragonfly. They are such fascinating creatures. We never used to get them here but now have several types. xxx

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