Catching up

I’ve spent the past four mornings plotting mostly catching up with the dead-heading, grass cutting, hoeing, pruning and weeding that needed doing.

Genista and hawthorn

This morning I cut down the genista and dying fire-blighted hawthorn leaving little more than the stumps to deal with.  Apart from a handful of thicker branches and trunk I burnt everything else.

I will tidy the area up at my leisure and think about what I’m going to do here.


This is what it looks like now.


Justs the stumps leftOn Monday I planted some first early potatoes Lady Christl that I had been given over at the horticultural society trading shed a couple of weeks ago.  Fingers crossed they’ll be ready to lift in early October. I’ll be happy if I only get a meal’s worth from each plant.

I’ll probably buy some beetroot, carrot and dwarf French bean seeds on Sunday and sow them early next week.

Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

24 thoughts on “Catching up”

  1. I suppose you have to think positive and see the demise of the Hawthorn tree as an opportunity to have a change…. Maybe you could replace it with a fruit tree?


    1. Mark I agree and that’s what I’m doing. A good suggestion but if I ever do get any fruit trees they’ll be planted at the other end of the plot. Cheers.


  2. It’s hard to catch up with everything at the moment. isn’t it? The rain is making the weeds very lush for a start!


  3. Good to know it’s still not too late to sow French beans. I’ve had a bit of a germination disaster this end so I might pop in some more and see how they do. A shame you had things to remove, but it does open give you space for something else. CJ xx


  4. Doing great Flighty, always looking on the bright side and planning for the future. Don’t tell anyone but I got a moment of desire to go to my own plots today and prune and weed like crazy. It would be too much for me but, wow, a finally felt like getting back in there and sorting some things out. Now you have inspired me more…could my return be on the cards?! xxx


    1. Carrie thanks, I think that gardeners have to be optimistic and look to the future.
      Good for you, and let’s hope that it won’t be too long before you’re able to. That’s nice to know, and I’m sure it is. xx


  5. Glad to hear your growing opportunities didn’t end with the last (non)crop due to rains and bugs. And nice to see that patch of pot marigolds from another angle. It really is so lovely. I did discover a much smaller patch reseeded from the original seeds you’d sent. I found it whilst doing a bit of deadheading. Hope the new batch of veg do better for you.


    1. Nikki thanks, I was in two minds about sowing more seeds but decided that it’s worth trying. I’ll be dead-heading and weeding through that pot marigold patch next week. Good for you. I hope so too. xx


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