Even more soggy

Following last weekend’s very wet and windy weather I went to the allotments on Tuesday morning to look round to see if all was okay.  Thankfully my plot was, but several others are badly waterlogged. A couple of the greenhouses had lost some glass and various plastic items had got blown all over the place.

There was more rain late Tuesday afternoon and early evening making it all even more soggy.  Thankfully the forecast is for calmer, drier and sunnier weather through to at least mid next week by which time I hope to have resumed planting and sowing.

Not surprisingly the yellow daffodils took a battering and are now past their best but these white ones in a container are looking good, as is the blackthorn blossom.

White daffodils  Blackthorn blossom

At home I’ve started sowing seeds in pots and trays. So far I’ve sown tomatoes, sunflowers and cosmos with lots more to do.  I’ll go into more detail once they’ve germinated and started growing.

Have a good weekend!


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24 Responses to Even more soggy

  1. Jo says:

    I’m behind on my seed sowing this year – hopefully getting quite a lot of mine done over the next few days!

  2. Awesome update i still got to sow my sunflowers might do it later after with some others have a blessed day Mike

  3. Chloris says:

    Oh what a storm it was. Soggy ground again and I have lost a beautiful birch tree. And as you say, the poor daffodils are ruined, but your pure white Thalia looks beautiful.

  4. menhir1 says:

    Hopefully, the clay soil will take some benefit from the ‘drowning’. Certainly, it is near enough time, ‘down by you’, to begin adding feed to the claggy stuff. By comparison, I am uncertain whether it is too soon for me to feed waking perennials. We are still getting very hard frosts overnight, the plants are surviving and presumably hardening up.

    Your allotment will be working well again this year, by what you say about your preparations for it at home. xx

    • Flighty says:

      Menhir I’m sure it will. Thankfully the plot soil is pretty good now, having been worked and composted every year. Shame about the hard frosts there.
      I hope that it will, given what I done and doing. xx
      (I edited your comment and deleted your second one. xx)

  5. Jo says:

    That’s the problem with full size daffodils, they can take a real bashing in any wind whereas the smaller types seem to fare better. The white daffodils you’ve got are lovely though, I’m glad they didn’t suffer in the storm. We didn’t have it too bad here.

  6. Caro says:

    While I feel so sorry for gardeners who suffered damage in the storms, I was very grateful for the rain that fell on my garden here. The soil was dry enough that I’d been out watering for several evenings previously (only with a watering can, not the full hosepipe soaking!). I quite like the weather we’re having this week – dry and sunny in the mornings with a bit of rain overnight. If only we could get this type of weather to order! Hopefully your plot will have dried out over the past few days – at least we can get outside without being soaked this week!

    • Flighty says:

      Caro I’m surprised that your soil needed watering. Yes, that sort of weather would suit me too. it’s still soggyish but it should be okay in a day or so. xx

  7. Sounds as if you’ve had a lot more rain than we have. Hope you get the promised dry patch. I’ve been sowing today too, mostly perennials, annuals at the weekend. Then I’ll need space to site sweet corn and courgettes… I get to collect free compost at the weekend, hopefully enough for all my veg beds, then I can really begin… Have a lovely weekend whatever the weather!

  8. Liz says:

    Oh dear! The unpredictable weather. Today it is blustery with storms in the offing.
    I love your white daffodils and the tree blossoms.

  9. CJ says:

    Gorgeous white daffodils, and lovely to see that blossom as well. I had a trip to the plot today. Lots of weeding and a stiff back now! CJ xx

  10. nikkipolani says:

    Ah, more of your beloved white blooms! Those daffs are very elegant.

  11. snowbird says:

    Beautiful white daffadowndillies! Good to see the blossom too, here’s to better weather.xxx

  12. Matt @ Garden59 says:

    That blackthorn blossom looks good – could be a good sloe harvest this year! I hope you got some sunshine today to dry things out.

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