A plotting good week

Following last Sunday’s post it was rather surprising that I got to do some plotting every day Monday through Friday.  I spent most of the first three days hoeing and weeding all round so that the ground is now ready for me to cover with the compost that I’ll be soon emptying out  prior to digging, planting and sowing providing the ground is okay and the weather conditions good.

The plot mid Feb'16 - 1

The plot mid Feb'16 - 2On Wednesday I tidied up the strawberry bed and hand forked round the plants. I will add a compost mulch after I’ve emptied out the compost bin.

It rained overnight Wednesday/Thursday so I just pruned the dogwood and Pretty Lady roses. I also re-staked the latter which had suffered slighty from wind-rock over the winter.

On Friday I pruned and and tidied up the blackberry bush and the raspberries.  I also transplanted some Collomia grandifloria plants from Irish Brian’s adjacent plot where they always self-seed from my flower patch. I saw him earlier in the week and told him what I would be doing.  He also gave me a packet of Red Baron onion sets which he’d got for me as the horticultural society aren’t selling them this year.  That saves me having to faff around trying to grow red onions from seed as I was intending to do.

Robin 19 Feb'16 - 3


The robin  kept me company all week, and at long last I managed to take a few good pictures of it of which this one is the best.


All in all it was a plotting good week.


At home I received some flower seeds from Twitter friend Shelagh in exchange for various seeds I sent her.  I also got some unusual vegetable tubers to grow from blog friend Janet/Plantalicious.  I’ll be doing a post about all these on Thursday.

Have a good week!


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28 Responses to A plotting good week

  1. Mark Willis says:

    Well, you have had a busy week! I have been pruning Dogwoods too. I have several, so it is quite a significant task. Actually, the most laborious part is cutting the prunings into small enough pieces to make them fit into sacks for taking to the tip.

  2. Lovely update thank you for sharing Flighty have a blessed day

  3. CJ says:

    Your plot is looking immaculate! Gorgeous photo of the robin, they do like to follow gardeners round don’t they. Glad you managed to have a productive week. I really need to sort my plot out, but it’s been so wet here. Time to get that seed box down soon though! Wishing you another good week Flighty. CJ xx

    • Flighty says:

      CJ thanks. This robin certainly does and I was pleased to get some good pictures at last. Me too. There’s not much that can be done when when it’s like that except wait. It sure will. Thanks, and you too. xx

  4. Liz says:

    You did get a lot done last week and the picture says a thousand words. The robin looks as though he knows where the worms are! Good job!

  5. You are way ahead of me on the plot. The ground on my allotment is sodden and the rain is back today and the forecast isn’t good for next week. Not panicking though.

  6. menhir1 says:

    What a good plotting surprise. Your friend the Robin did you proud as well. Xxx

  7. Jo says:

    It’s such a bonus at this time of year when you can get to the plot and get some jobs done, it sounds like you’ve had a very productive week and your allotment is looking very neat and tidy. A lovely photo of the robin.

  8. plot34 says:

    Your plot looks fab. Great shot of the Robin.

  9. Your garden looks so fabulous; the very early beginning of spring is really here, such an amazing feeling.

  10. so looking forward to some decent weather….

  11. nikkipolani says:

    Goodness, your list of activities makes me feel positively delinquent! And I have no excuse of bad weather! Yes, that is a terrific shot of your plotting companion — how nice of the robin to hang about and visit!

  12. Julie says:

    You have been busy.. we have a pair of Robins keeping us company in the garden. They sit in the hedge and sing so beautifully. Lovely photo of your little feathered friend :o) xx

  13. Carrie says:

    Flighty! What a fabulous week, Andrew and I so desperately need some time at the lottie but the whole place is a bog; it just never stops raining here. I do hope your good fortune is the start of many happy lingering days with your robin and your hands in the soil. Much love, Carrie

    • Flighty says:

      Carrie it was, although it was cold and soggy underfoot some of the time. I sympathise, and hope that it soon dries out and warms up so you can both get plotting again. Lovely sentiments. Thanks. xx

  14. Sounds like a great week Flighty, very productive.

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