30 thoughts on “Happy growing in 2016!”

  1. What a great picture. I’m not a lover of snow but I’d definitely prefer it to the floods we’ve got around the country at the moment. Wishing you all the very best for 2016.


  2. Lovely picture, Reminds me of my Grandad and his vegetable garden. Used to love helping him when I was little. Happy Growing in 2016 to you too Mike. I always like to see what you are doing on the plot. x


  3. Oh, I love that picture! The dog reminds me of my own — supervisory personnel. There’s even a robin on the rain barrel. We may get some snow flurries next week. Wishing you happy and successful gardening in 2016.


  4. What a lovely picture. I really like to see vegetable growing and allotments in art. I’m wishing you an excellent growing year in 2016 Flighty. CJ xx


  5. Hi Flighty ~ I love the painting and link, thanks. I enjoyed looking at all of his paintings. On the painting he did of a fellow on a ladder trying to hand a heart to the girl in the window, I would like him to get down and move the ladder over to the right as far as he can, so there’s not so much of a stretch. I wish you a very happy New Year, and look forward to the growing season which will be on us before we know it!! Thanks for being a loyal and regular poster, and blog commenter!!


  6. Happy growing to you too Flighty, though I wouldn’t mind the weather turning a bit more like the painting above before the growing season starts!


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