Happy harvesting

Second early potatoes 'Kestrrel'



This week I’ve been lifting some potatoes, both Charlotte and Kestrel, the latter being a good size which will keep well to use later on.  The one at the top of the picture fills the palm of my hand.



Onions 'Red Baron'


I’ve also started to lift the onions, which thankfully look okay with no sign of onion fly or white rot.  They do vary as you can see although most are around tennis ball size. These are Red Baron which keep well.



Runner beans 'St.Geoorge'



I’ve also picked the first runner beans St George, with lots more to to come if the numerous red and white flowers are any indication.




Cucumber  'Marketmore' plant


I’ll soon be picking the first of several cucumbers Marketmore from the plant growing on the plot. There are a few already at least four inches long, with some smaller ones and more flowers as well.


Happy gardening, and have a good weekend!

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30 Responses to Happy harvesting

  1. thank you for sharing have a blessed day Mike

  2. karengimson says:

    Your runner beans look really good Mike. I’ve just started picking mine, but am dismayed to see that they have produced masses of fine foliage, but not many flowers. My neighbour, on the other hand, has poor foliage, masses of flowers- but they aren’t setting. Just dropping off. I’m growing mini munch cucumbers, which are so prolific I could literally supply the village!

  3. menhir1 says:

    Oh my, what a lovely healthy crop. That should set you up for while for meals with baked potatoes and also culinary exploits with onions. Fresh runner beans have a lovely juiciness, they can be nice enough to eat al dente. xxx

  4. I thought you needed a green house to grow cucumbers!

  5. Chloris says:

    We have had a bumper harvest of Charlottes. The chef made some chips with them tonight. They were lovely; crispy and golden. It is a versatile potato. Is Kestral a waxy potato?

  6. CJ says:

    Fantastic potatoes and onions. My onions were disappointingly small this year, not sure why. I picked the world’s biggest cucumber today though. I forgot to pick them before I went away, and it was absolutely enormous. Thankfully the courgettes hadn’t got out of control though. Hope you are well, CJ xx

    • Flighty says:

      CJ thanks. That’s a shame, I’d blame the weather. Rather a big cucumber than courgette, although I prefer both when small. I am thanks. xx

  7. nikkipolani says:

    Wonderful bounty! My aunt had given me some elephant garlic, but when I tried to lift them, I found… nothing! So no elephant garlic for me. Transplanted some asclepias seedlings instead. Man, are those things prolific. Would you like some seeds? Yellow and/or yellow/orange flowers.

  8. Nice looking veggies. Enjoy!

  9. Caro says:

    It’s all looking good, Mike! I don’t think my shallots had enough water this year but I had some first beans last night which was rather exciting! I love this time of year when the garden seems to go a bit bonkers before settling down again. Enjoy your weekend, I think it’s going to be a good one. Caro xx

  10. Glo says:

    Great to see you enjoying such a healthy harvest!

  11. snowbird says:

    Your taters look marvelous, a smashing harvest! Well done with the onions a runner beans too, my runners have been devoured this year! xxx

  12. elaine says:

    My runners have suffered badly from blackfly this year but slowly slowly are now starting to produce – the French beans have done a lot better. I don’t have much space now for potatoes and grew a few in pots. Your harvest looks good and makes me envious for my old allotment days.

  13. Joanne says:

    Happy gardening Mike, you have some lovely harvests there! xx

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