A trio of contrasts

Despite trying several times I’ve never managed to grow sunflowers Vanilla Ice. Nikki kindly sent me some seeds earlier in the year so I tried again and have one that’s grown and flowered.  It’s small, just a few inches across, but I like the colour and the contrast of these flowers.

Sunflower 'Vanilla Ice'

The yellow nasturtiums with the contrasting red eyebrows make me smile.

Yellow nasturtium with red 'eyebrows'The runner beans St.George are now showing lots of contrasting red and white flowers.

Runner bean 'St George' flowers

Have a good weekend!


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28 Responses to A trio of contrasts

  1. Liz says:

    What gorgeous colors! The sunflower is lovely, the nasturtium cute! It looks as though you’ll have a good crop of beans.
    I wish I could capture the yellow of flowers on my cell phone. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, the color is always washed out in the picture.

  2. karengimson says:

    Complete with ladybird! That Vanilla Ice would be good for flower arrangements. I love all nasturtiums. They do make you smile. Thanks for sharing. My beans have lots of healthy foliage this year- and virtually no flowers!

    • Flighty says:

      Karen well spotted. It sure would. Me too. You’re welcome. This is an early variety so I’m sure that yours will flower in due course. xx

  3. menhir1 says:

    Flowers with eye-brows is a lovely image. The two flowers are are happy and vibrant .

    On another topic, where on your WP platform is there a personal ‘contact’ point?, apart from ‘reply’. It’s a site to get used to, if I decide to reverse my current blogging arrangements. Thanks for other advice, I am working through it.

    • Flighty says:

      Menhir thanks. Indeed they are.
      It’s under the header picture, click on ‘Contact me’ and it’ll show an email form. I agree, and some things have always baffled me. You’re welcome. xx

  4. nikkipolani says:

    Thanks for the mention! It’s interesting to hear about what germinates and what just won’t. I was told a white thunbergia (black-eyed susan vine) would be difficult, but one actually grew for me a few years ago — and I’m usually rubbish with seeds. So nice that your nasturtiums show up reliably all decked out in colorful finery.

  5. Chloris says:

    I never saw them as eyebrows, but that is exactly what they look like. You are going to have loads of beans, lovely. Rain this weekend I think, but we need it.

  6. Matt @ Garden59 says:

    It was worth persisting; that’s a gorgeous sunflower.

  7. CJ says:

    Brilliant sunflower, such a lovely colour, and the runner bean flowers are gorgeous. I had salmon pink ones last year, they were nice too. Just plain red this year, but I might try yours next year for some variety. CJ xx

  8. Jo says:

    Such a beautiful sunflower. I’ve failed with tall ones again this year but the dwarf variety are blooming away. I’m growing St George runner beans too.

  9. Carrie says:

    Gorgeous colours – they made me smile too. I love sunflowers but forget to plant my seeds this year, I shall have to share the joy vicariously through you xxx

  10. I love the colours, Flighty. I see what you mean about the nasturtium flowers, very glam 😉

  11. Joanne says:

    Lovely sunflowers Mike. Mine have struggled this year & the sweet peas, Always next year though x

  12. Such beautiful, refreshing colors! The sunflower looks like a lollypop! 🙂

  13. Julie says:

    Stunning sunflower and that nasturtium flower is so pretty.. we have small runner beans now and have been harvesting our french climbing beans and very yummy they are too! :o) xx

  14. snowbird says:

    So glad you got a sunflower to grow, it’s odd what some of us simply cannot grow! I love the eyebrows on the nasturtium!xxx

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