Tree Following, July 2015 – Liz’s Stewartia

At first I thought that there would be nothing to post about my tree, the Stewartia, for July because it had its moment of glory last month. Since then it has returned to being just one of the various trees that add structure to my garden here in Lexington, Kentucky.

What to report?  Well there was a garden tour in town recently where I found in a garden, one of nine, two Stewartias and in another two more that were planted at an entrance to an allee (a walkway lined with trees or tall shrubs). Needless to say both gardens were most impressive.   Back to my tree and here it is showing the fruit forming and a few of the leaves in close-up.

Liz's Stewartia Jul'15-1

Below left has a backdrop of a limb from an old silver maple that fell during a recent storm, with Dulcie inspecting.   The other one shows it at sunset.

Liz's Stewartia Jul'15-2     Liz's Stewartia Jul'15-3

See Lucy’s Tree Following post for details of what this is all about, and this one for links to other Tree Following posts for this month.

My thanks to Mike for letting me guest post, and to Lucy for hosting Tree Following.

[Click on any picture to see a larger image]


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20 Responses to Tree Following, July 2015 – Liz’s Stewartia

  1. The fruits are an interesting red.

    • Liz says:

      Lucy, they are almost mahogany in color. I found an article about the fruit, which is informative and I intend to bone up and be more knowledgeable next month! Liz

  2. Liz says:

    Mike, I just came in from grocery shopping and found you’d posted my latest tree-following. Thank you for doing that and for straightening out my grammar which needs attention at times! Liz

  3. Hollis says:

    I was curious to know more about Stewartia and found it’s in the same family as tea! (Theaceae) and furthermore that tea comes from a camillia (C. sinensis). Thanks for prompting this interesting exploration.

  4. Lea says:

    Very pretty leaves and fruit.
    Cute pup, too!
    Happy Tree Following!

    • Liz says:

      Thank you, Lea. The tree following is fun and I enjoy reading the other posts.(Dog Dulcie is usually upstaged by Charley so it is nice for her to receive attention!) Liz

  5. Alison says:

    I am envious of your Stewartia – I have a tiny one and it looks like the recent dry weather has hit it hard. I’m hoping it survives. The fruit on yours is a great colour.

  6. Liz says:

    Alison, I do hope your Stewartia comes through the dry spell okay. I was amazed that mine made it through minus 20 degrees F last winter, although that was a brief cold snap. We had a very dry May here and now rain, rain, and more rain. The fruit is unusual and attractive. Thanks Liz

  7. Flighty says:

    I’m glad to see that fallen tree limb didn’t topple on the Stewardia, which is going really well by the look of the first picture. Happy tree following. xx

    • Liz says:

      I heard the crack that signaled the break in the tree limb. So fortunate that it landed mostly on grass and the Stewartia was safe— just! Looking forward to reading about your fig tree. Thanks, Mike.

  8. Jo says:

    The fruit looks interesting, I look forward to hearing more about that. Lovely to see Dulcie in one of your photos too, I do like to see doggies in posts.

    • Liz says:

      Jo, I too am looking forward to learning more about the fruit. That’s my research-to-do in the next few weeks. It would be nice if Dulcie weren’t so shy and would ham it up for the camera. Liz

  9. nikkipolani says:

    Liz, I do like the shape of the stewartia’s leaves. And I second Jo — more of Dulcie, too, please!

  10. Liz says:

    Nikkipolani, the leaves are attractive, I do agree. And, as I just told Jo, Dulcie is rather shy and retiring, so I have to catch her on my iPhone when she slips by. She’s a pretty gal, so I’ll try to get her facing the camera sometime. Thanks, Liz.

  11. snowbird says:

    What interesting fruits, and always lovely to see Dulcie’s spot!xxx

  12. Liz says:

    Snowbird. The Stewartia fruits are interesting. In fact, I was tempted to enter a small stem in the horticulture display of the local flower show yesterday, but we’ve had so much rain recently that I wasn’t able to get to the garden, cut it, make out an entry tag and all the folderol that goes with it!
    Dulcie’s spot and Dulcie spotting go hand-in-hand! Thanks, Liz

  13. Interesting fruit on your tree, and very pretty leaves. It’ll be interesting to see what the fruit looks like next month!

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