My garden of thoughts and dreams

Wonderful tree blossomIt’s been a good year for tree blossom which has not been battered by rain and wind as it all to often is.

Just beyond where I turn to walk down to the allotment gates is this tree which really has been looking magnificent recently.

Apple tree blossom




On a nearby plot it’s a small apple tree with pink buds that open blushing white that has been eye catching.



Perennial cornflower flower budOn the plot the daffodils have now all but finished but the perennial cornflowers (centaurea montana) are showing plenty of buds and, this morning, the first flower starting to open.

First perrenial cornflower

There has been some welcome rain the past two nights, as so far this month has seen less than half the normal rainfall.  Certainly everything was looking fresher when I looked round this morning.  The only drawback was spotting a few slugs and snails so I went across the road to the horticultural trading shed and bought some organic slug pellets, as I’m determined not to lose many, if any, sunflowers to them this year.

I came across this delightful saying this morning which I’m sure you’ll like as much as I do.

My garden of flowers...

Happy gardening, and have a good week!

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18 Responses to My garden of thoughts and dreams

  1. Liz says:

    Those magnificent tree blossoms! It is such a pleasure to wander on spring days and enjoy the beauty around us. My perennial cornflower is at the same stage as yours. Love the saying!

  2. CJ says:

    There are certainly lots of pretty little corners around at this time of year aren’t there. I love the white daffodils in your header, gorgeous, and the saying is absolutely perfect for us gardeners. Wishing you a good week too Flighty. CJ xx

  3. elaine says:

    Such beautiful blossom on that tree. My apple blossom isn’t out yet but won’t be long now. The centaurea are in bud too – good strong plants this year. We had a bit of rain last night – not much though – the garden could really do with a few more showers. Have a good week.

    • Flighty says:

      Elaine I must fine out what tree it is. It’s always good to see fruit tree blossoming. They are good plants to have in the garden or on the plot. Same here, despite the rain we had. Thanks, and you too. xx

  4. snowbird says:

    That is a sweet little saying! The blossom is lovely, especially that pristine little apple tree!
    I do hope your sunflowers survive the slugs and snails, they have been eating everything in my greenhouse, sunflower seedlings included! The cornflowers are lovely, I must see how mine are getting on. Oh yes….a little rain works miracles. We could do with some!xxx

    • Flighty says:

      Snowbird it sure is. It produces good apples as well most years.
      Thanks, me too. I hope that your cornflowers are doing well. Fingers crossed that you get some rain. xx

  5. Joanne says:

    It is a lovely saying & as you say the blossom has been absolutely wonderful this year. Good luck with your sunflowers x

  6. Jo says:

    What a wonderful sight to greet you on the way to the allotment, absolutely beautiful. I haven’t noticed much slug damage yet this year, though I hope I’m not speaking too soon, they had just about all my sunflowers last year. A lovely saying and very true.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo I think that it’s the best tree alongside the road between home and shops. Fingers crossed that we don’t have a problem with slugs like we did last year. I agree, on both counts. xx

  7. nikkipolani says:

    Those spring blossoms on fruit trees never fail to delight. Also love your images of the centaurea emerging.

  8. Tracy says:

    Best of luck with keeping the slugs and snails at bay. The apple tree is a stunner. I bet it’s buzzing with bees.

  9. menhir1 says:

    Daffodils a few hundred miles north of you are bloomin’ good, just that bit later than yours. And yet more miles north of where I write this, Daffodil buds are beginning to flower. I have loved seeing the full to bursting cherry blossom, some trees have a fluidity of delicious and delicate pink. With the weather changing again, as it has, to single figure temperatures, accompanied with blustery winds, rain and sleet, the fabulous blossom may not adorn the branches much longer.

    The apple tree you show, looks really serene.

    Happy blossoming…. 😉 xx

    • Flighty says:

      Menhir it seems slightly odd to have daffodils just beginning to flower now. The blossom has been really good this year but with high winds and heavy rain forecast for during the week ahead I guess that will finish it sadly.
      I know what you mean about the apple tree. Thanks. xx

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