Snowflake and White Goddess

Dahlia 'Snowflake'Much as I would like to grow more dahlias I am constrained by a lack of space so generally I only grow one or two.  In the past I’ve grown colourful decorative types which have fairly large blooms but this year I’ve bought a couple of white Snowflake pompon tubers which have smaller globe-shaped flowers.
Gladioli 'White Goddess'


I also always grow some gladioli and usually buy new corms year to year. This year I’ve chosen the variety White Goddess.

It’s been an unsettled week with plenty of rain at times so the only day that I’ve been to to the plot was Tuesday to have a look round to see if I could decide where to grow these.  I think that they’ll all go together on the flower patch alongside the grass path just beyond the hawthorn.

The weather looks like remaining changeable through to at least early next week with more rain and very windy at times.

Have a good weekend!


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25 Responses to Snowflake and White Goddess

  1. menhir1 says:

    How much support will the Gladioli require? I always think of the Pompom Dahlia as a stable, pretty, old fashioned flower

  2. Jo says:

    I like both of those. I’ve never grown pompon dahlias but I do like them, they remind me of those tissue paper Christmas decorations which start off folded flat and are open out in to a ball.

  3. Janet says:

    I do adore dahlias but as I spend a lot of time in hot climates, I satisfy my dahlia cravings by growing zinnias. They are so undemanding and the slugs don’t eat them. There are some interesting new varieties so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend trying them

  4. Chloris says:

    I love those dahlias. I love white flowers just as much as you. White Goddess is a beauty.

  5. Liz says:

    Your white garden for summer. A much more positive idea than the seemingly endless blanket of snow here in the US. It started out white and is now turning dirty grey!

  6. Joanne says:

    They both look lovely, will you keep them on the plot or pick a few?

  7. The dahlias are beautiful as are the gladioli. I’ve never tried dahlias as I don’t think they’d survive the heat in the summer. I’ve planted gladioli in the past, but last year the corms simply dried up and rot away due to the heat and lack of moisture. I don’t plan on planting any this year. It’s nice to see that others can enjoy their beauty, though!

  8. snowbird says:

    They shall certainly look the business! You remind me that I haven’t grown gladioli in years, those white ones look really pretty!xxx

  9. CJ says:

    Gorgeous white flowers, my favourite. I shall look forward to seeing how they do. I really love dahlias, I might try and squeeze one or two in at the plot this year. CJ xx

  10. elaine says:

    I usually grow lots of different coloured dahlias but have never grown white ones – maybe I should have a change this year. It rained most of today but the sun did manage to show its face later in the afternoon when I went for a walk.

    • Flighty says:

      Elaine I really wanted a coloured variety to go with these but didn’t like any of the ones being sold. It was the same here yesterday, but thankfully sunny today. xx

  11. nikkipolani says:

    Oh, that Snowflake dahlia looks to be a beauty! My only experience with dahlias was killing them. I planted two varieties last year and only green leaves came up with some reluctance. And then they gave up. Good luck with yours. Wasn’t there a plotter near you who grew tons of dahlias?

  12. What wonderful looking flowers. Good luck with them. I look forward to seeing the pictures. Today I went out to my veggie patch. I’m lucky enough to have it in my garden. I planted my potatoes in my containers. I have three but this year I’ve only planted two. I wanted to put my onion sets in but I think I will wait for now.

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