More armchair gardening

It was nice but nippy this morning so I took a walk round the allotments, and then across the road to the horticultural trading shed.  There’s heavy rain due later this afternoon, and the week ahead is looking decidedly unsettled with plenty of rain and high winds at times.
The New Vegetable & Herb ExpertThat certainly means I’ll be doing some more armchair gardening reading The New Vegetable & Herb Expert by Dr.D.G. Hessayon that I bought last week to replace my old, well thumbed, edition.

It was published last year, replacing the earlier one, and with over six million copies of all editions sold I would guess that most vegetable growers have a copy on their bookshelf.

It’s one of around twenty Expert Books that cover almost every aspect of gardening. I also have a copy of The Flower Expert and find both of them useful reference books.

Have a good week!


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22 Responses to More armchair gardening

  1. I have the old version. Yes we are forecast high winds tonight also.

  2. Mark Willis says:

    Yes, I certainly do have that book – and many of its companions too. Is it worth getting the new one? Is it radically different?

    • Flighty says:

      Mark I’m not surprised that you have. I only bought the new one as my old one was literally falling to bits. I would say not really on both counts. Cheers.

  3. CJ says:

    Love that book, so handy for checking things and I like to look at the different recommended varieties as well. CJ xx

  4. Liz says:

    A good way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon, with a good book. It sounds like a valuable reference work for vegetable gardeners.

  5. snowbird says:

    You remind that I lost my version some years ago, must look out for a new one. Glad to hear you’re indoors, the weather has been foul today!xxx

  6. elaine says:

    I have quite a few of his books I find that they offer good basic down-to-earth info.The weather here has taken a turn for the worst too – it’s blooming cold out there.

  7. Joanne says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying your new book, I have seen some of them on sale but I don’t own any of them. Definitely armchair gardening, not only with the rain but it does seem a lot colder. Take care xx

  8. Jo says:

    Yes, I’ve got the old version of that book, and quite a few others in the same series too. I didn’t know there was a new version out though.

  9. Caro says:

    I’m pleased to see that the ‘Expert’ series is keeping up to date. So often these books get overlooked in favour of their more modern counterparts but I find them a useful reference to back up the host of other gardening books on the bookshelf. (I also have the Garden to Kitchen Expert, a wonderful book with no-nonsense recipes for what to do with your produce.) It does look like a week for staying indoors although I noticed this morning that there are daffs and tulips poking up all over the garden which made me smile! Have a good week, Flighty. C xx

  10. Flighty says:

    Caro me too, especially with regards to using more organic and wildlife friendly methods of pest control. Yes it does, and that what I’ll probably be doing. It good to see them all appearing like that. Thanks, and you too. xx

  11. Chloris says:

    A really useful book. And on a day like today with icy winds and hail just what you need.

  12. nikkipolani says:

    From the looks of your commenters, it’s a well loved reference. Nice that you can look over the new version while armchair gardening. In our area, it’s Sunset’s Western Gardening that gives recommendations for very specific climate zones in the west (not the usual USDA 10 zone map for the country).

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