Christmas tree and Advent calendar

Nikki's tree & Carrie's robinMy Christmas Tree was again very kindly sent to me by Nikki all the way from southern California.

It’s wooden, a grand four inches tall with glittery edges, and as you can see my tiny robin, made by Carrie, happily hangs on it.

Glo (Porcelain Rose)  has sent me a wonderful on-line Advent Calendar which really is delightful.

Have a good weekend!


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20 Responses to Christmas tree and Advent calendar

  1. Jo says:

    Ahhh, how cute is that, and I love the tiny robin.

  2. Debs says:

    Gorgeous! I love the elegant simplicity of it and what a dear little robin!

  3. CJ says:

    Lovely. I remember the robin from before, and the wooden tree is great.

  4. nikkipolani says:

    So good to know it arrived in one piece 😉 And are you having fun with the advent activities? Cute cute animation.

  5. Awesome and lovely thank you for sharing Mike

  6. wellywoman says:

    Gorgeous! Love the robin. Have a good weekend. xx

  7. elaine says:

    Such a charming little tree – perfect for the felt robin. Have a good weekend.

  8. Glo says:

    Remember me? I have been so remiss in blogging and commenting… but here I am now! Your little robin seems to have found a perfect spot to perch ~ now he has two trees to fly between 🙂 So glad you are enjoying the Advent Calendar. Have you noticed the books on the shelves in the family room? Have you poked the little bear on the chair? Have you clicked on the fireplace? All sorts of discoveries in there 😉 Thanks so much for your robin card 🙂 Wishing you lots of tea and biscuits for Christmas 🙂

    • Flighty says:

      Glo hello, of course I do! I seem to collecting robins and trees.
      The Advent Calendar is wonderful. I open the book for the day first, I’ve poked the bear and clicked on the fireplace. I’ve decorated the tree, made a wreath and paired the biscuits. All great fun, and I love the two kittens.
      You’re welcome, and thanks I’ve tea, biscuits and books all ready. xx

  9. Glo says:

    Thanks so much for the link to my blog, as well 🙂

  10. snowbird says:

    The tree and the robin are simply gorgeous! And an advent calender too…..marvellous! Enjoy!xxx

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