Allotment lawn lounger

Lawn lounging is something that I’m sure no one does at this time of year.  I often use the expression, and also list my blog friends here as lawn loungers.

I only mention this as I came across this wonderful Thelwell cartoon during last week showing an allotment lawn lounger.

Lawn loungingHave a good week!


Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

32 thoughts on “Allotment lawn lounger”

  1. It is difficult to get away with this on an allotment. I used to have an allotment and the Pianist would sometimes come with me when I went to work on it. He used to bring a chair and the paper. He gave up though because he got fed up with the derisive comments of everyone who saw him. It seems that lawn lounging is something shameful which should only be done in the privacy of your own garden. In Suffolk anyway.

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    1. Chloris especially where most of the allotmenteers are ‘old-timers’! I smiled when I read your comment. I think that it’s the same all over not just there. xx


  2. I haven’t been lawn lounging, but the garden has definitely been neglected these five weeks. But a break is coming and plans for A Major Tidy are forming. What I could use are the other fellows in that cartoon– the ones hauling and weeding and digging…


  3. Brilliant. I think lots of people see allotments as an extension to their gardens these days with ornamentals growing amongst the veg, something which would have been frowned upon a few years ago. Not sure about an actual lawn though.


  4. :). Lawn….carpet style astroturf more like ;). Energy free gardening.

    I love Thelwell’s cartoons, they are superb. I especially like the tubby horses with very mean rounded children sitting astride them doing all sorts of activities with total disinhibition that we adults, if the truth be known, would love to be doing.

    The French ‘mechant’ as a description for Thelwell’s depictions comes to mind.


  5. Brilliant picture. I’ve never had time to be a lawn lounger. My poor lawn has suffered over the last few years too many weeds and moss so I’m hoping to give it lots of TLC in the new year. I have three lawns the large one at the back, small one on the side of the house and one at the front. The front is more moss than lawn. I love my lawns and the birds like feeding on them.


  6. Fantastic! I have to say that’s not really my experience of my allotment or my garden for that matter. In fact we have never got round to getting a table and chairs for our garden and we’ve been here 7 years now. There never seems to be the time to sit down….. xx


  7. Ah Thelwell, haven’t seen any of those for a long time. I used to love the horsy ones when I was horse mad teenager. No lawn here for much longer, I am gradually turning it into a mixed chamomile-thyme space.


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