A couple more jobs

Sweetcorn stems under the blackberry bushI was going to leave the sunflower and sweetcorn stems standing over the winter but I changed my mind. This morning I pulled them up, stripped off any remaining leaves then hid them alongside the compost bin under the blackberry bush. As well as being out of sight they may well provide a welcome winter refuge for some wildlife.

The mystery plant Following Paula‘s suggestion I’ve also dug up the mystery plant and moved it into the square planter.  It wasn’t in a good place, and leaving it may not have turned out to be a good idea.  Whatever it is it’s multi-stemmed and has now lost it’s leaves.

The blackthorn and hawthorn continue to provide colour and interest.  The blackthorn has green lichen on the north facing truck and the hawthorn is shedding the now golden leaves exposing skeletal branches.

The blackthorn   The hawthorn

Have a good weekend!

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16 Responses to A couple more jobs

  1. Joanne says:

    I pulled mine up a while back, I never thought to keep the stems. It’s a shame as they would’ve been ideal, thankfully you did.

  2. Jo says:

    I should think some wildlife will be thankful of those stems through the winter. You’ll be all ready for the new season come spring, I’ve still got lots of tidying up to do on my plot.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo I’d like to think so. I hope so as I do find it a bit of an effort to get plotting again after my winter break. There’s plenty of time, weather permitting! xx

  3. CJ says:

    A great idea to leave the stems on the plot for wildlife. I love the blackthorn growing through the decking. I went to the plot on three days in a row this week, but there’s still loads to do. The onions and garlic are in though. Little by little… I hope you have a good weekend too Flighty. CJ xx

  4. menhir1 says:

    Green lichen sounds good. We see lots of it, (and other shades) where I live. Some bushes and tree branches look like they’ve been set up as props for mysterious woods or forest scenes.

  5. nikkipolani says:

    How nice that you had thought to provide for other wildlife if only for a few more weeks. I do hope your mystery plant survives long enough to supply us with a few more details to guess at its identity.

  6. I too hope it will survive. It might have shed it’s leaves anyway… Fingers are crossed.:-( This year, I had two baby hedgehogs roaming around my garden so I left piles of leaves dotted about hoping it would give them some where to shelter.

  7. Chloris says:

    I wondered if your tree might be a poplar, are there any around? I have them coming up everywhere.

  8. elaine says:

    I still have a couple of sunflowers with buds on so I am leaving them for a while

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