It’s late October…

Butterfly 'Red Admiral'but this morning was sunny and warm, and it was wonderful to see a Red Admiral butterfly fluttering round. I don’t appear to have photographed one on the plot, and this one was taken elsewhere on the site in June 2012.

Bamboo canesI sorted out the bamboo canes, tied them up then stood the six and eight foot ones next to the shed.  I often see a robin perched at the top of these looking round and singing away.

Although it’s been wet and windy some days there’s been no frosts so the nasturtiums are still doing brilliantly.

Nasturtiums in late October

As I’ve mentioned previously I buy most of my vegetable, and some flower, seeds from MoreVeg as they sell them in small quantities, which is ideal for me.  Earlier this week I enjoyed reading this blog post all about them.

Lastly don’t tell anyone but tomorrow I’ll be a year older.

Have a good weekend!

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Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

36 thoughts on “It’s late October…”

  1. I saw Helen’s post about More Veg – interesting to see the face behind the business! I’m all for promoting small family run businesses, I think it helps us all in the long run. Happy birthday for tomorrow, Flighty – hope it’s good one, Caro xx


  2. Happier One Year On! Splendid Wishes 2 Uuuuuu!!
    As I read your post the first thought that came to mind was your steadfastness in writing with regularity.
    A wee flashback in our communications suggests, (only suggests mind you) that you may have posted a Red Admiral pic much earlier this year, about April – May time?

    Your nasturtiums are bonny. xx


    1. Menhir thanks! I started this blog in May 2007 and have posted just about every Thursday and Sunday since then, this being the 893rd one!
      You may well be right, I will have another look to see if I did.
      They sure are. xx


  3. Those nasturtiums are looking splendid still and how lovely to spot a Red Admiral, I can’t remember the last time I saw one. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful day.


  4. Happy birthday for tomorrow Flighty, I hope you have a lovely day. I’m an October birthday too. I pulled out some canes today in the garden, and took out some annuals that have been flowering all summer. I have one neat and tidy and empty bed now, ready for the next thing. Your nasturtiums are still going strong though, they look amazing. CJ xx


  5. I have had so many red admirals this year. They feed on the rotting fruit that I have left lying around so untidily.
    Happy Birthday! I hope you get balloons, fireworks, a cake with candles and all nice things.


  6. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday, Flighty ~ Did you count all of your beans? Wonder if there were as many of them as there would be birthday candles on your cake 😉 I’ve left you something on my blog!

    Lovely nasturtiums by the way, and if you think of carrying on your alphabet posts, your Q could be some of the questions you’ve received re your plotting and planting … just a thought.


    1. Glo many thanks. Not yet! I’m sure there are. So I see, and thanks again.
      They’ve really done well this year. I’m determined to resume the Plot A to Z soon, and finally reach Z before I start plotting again in earnest next spring. xx


  7. Happy birthday – doesn’t the year go fast – hope the weather stays fine so you can do a bit of plotting – I did spot a butterfly yesterday but it was going by so fast I couldn’t spot what it was.


  8. Happy birthday, Flighty! Your nasturtiums are looking wonderful. I’ve ripped all mine out to start planting tomatoes where they were, but before my seedlings have got big enough, some little nasturtiums have popped up! I’ll let them stay so long as they don’t choke out my tomatoes! And your bamboo canes are very inspirationally neat!


    1. Oanh hello, and thanks. Most of my nasturtiums are self-seeded. Rather have too many seedlings than too few, they’re easy to pull up if unwanted. There are about 70 canes which only take up square foot or so of space. xx


  9. How lovely to still have butterflies around, and good that they still have food on your plot!
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday Flighty, now you have a drink, or a hot cuppa on me! xxxx


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