A popular pot plant

I’ve tried to grow Coleus blumei, a popular pot plant which has colourful leaves, several times and this was the first year that I succeeded.

I’ve grown the less common Carefree Mixture which as you see has serrated Oak-like leaves.  I had ten plants, six of which I gave away, and of the ones I’ve kept two have red, green edged leaves and two green and cream ones.  One of each colour has flowered but the spikes are rather insignificant.

Coleus 'Carefree Mixure' green & red, flowering   Coleus 'Carefree Mixture' green & cream

Next year I think that I’ll try again with Fairway, Extra Dwarf Formula Mixed, which has the more familiar leaf shape and a wider range of colours.

Have a good weekend!

[Click on either picture to see a larger image]


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24 Responses to A popular pot plant

  1. Jo says:

    The great thing about coleus is that there’s so many different colour variations. I haven’t come across the variety you’ve grown before, I think their leaf shape is very attractive.

  2. Caro says:

    I like both of those that you’ve grown, Flighty. The green one is especially fresh looking. I’m afraid I’m rubbish at growing indoor plants, perhaps because the wooden blinds at my windows keep the light levels low, so I have only a long-suffering jade plant and a cactus!

    • Flighty says:

      Caro me too, but I do prefer the green and cream ones. I sympathise, it appears that I’m in good company. Low light levels are the problem I have as well. xx

  3. menhir1 says:

    They are rather elegant plants at the size they are.They are looking very happy together. xx

  4. Harry says:

    Hi, Flighty, we find also that the Coleus flowers are so small and unattractive, that we simply remove them carefully. I understand that it does the plant no harm, and find more vigorous growth, when the flowers are removed.

  5. CJ says:

    I especially like the green one, I’ve not seen it before, the colours are lovely and the leaf shape is really unusual. CJ xx

  6. nikkipolani says:

    My coleus was the opposite of yours! Small almost stunted looking leaves with ridiculously long flower spikes nearly twice the height of the plant.

  7. I’m more attracted to the brighter coleus than the green, but it’s great that you’ve succeeded in growing them from seed. I’m rubbish with houseplants and only have spider plants that are virtually indestructible!

    • Flighty says:

      Paula this variety is just the two colours, and I’m well pleased that some germinated and grow. It seems that we’re in good company in our ability to grow houseplants. xx

  8. snowbird says:

    What lovely plants you’ve grown, they both look great. I’ve never grown them, must give it a try.xxx

  9. Chloris says:

    I think the flowers spoil them. I always cut them off. I haven’ t grown them for years though. Maybe next year. It is always fun seeing the range of colours you can get from one packet of seeds.

  10. Kif says:

    my poor potted plants always get forgotten – these look lovely!

  11. Carrie says:

    One of each is a lovely idea, they are beautiful. Well done after all the let downs to have so many healthy plants you had to give some away! x

  12. You’ve had impressive results Flighty, how wonderful to have two such different plants, and to have been able to give some away.

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