It was still…

too hot to plot last week so all I did was to go there straight after breakfast for a couple of hours to do any essential watering, along with some harvesting and a general look round.

Large and small potatoes 'Kestrel'The second early potatoes Charlotte and Kestrel that I’ve been digging up have been excellent for quality and quantity. Here’s the biggest one so far, which weighs over 300 grams, along with one the size of an egg for comparison.

Dwarf French beans, runner beans and a courgetteI picked several lots of dwarf French beans Safari, the first few runner beans, a couple of cucumbers Marketmore and a courgette.

BlackberriesI’m picking a container full of big, juicy blackberries every visit.

Onions 'Red  Baron' and Sturon'This coming week I will start lifting the onions Red Baron and Sturon, some of which are a really good size.

There’s fruit on the tomatoes and the first tassels are just starting to appear on the sweetcorn.

So not bad at all so far. Β That just leaves the carrots Royal Chantenay which I’ll be sowing tomorrow, to hopefully harvest in October.

The rose Pretty Lady has been flowering continuously since mid May.

Rose 'Pretty  Lady' bloomsToday has been slightly cooler and fresher which, thankfully, looks set to continue well into next week so perhaps I’ll be able to do some proper plotting again.

Have a good week!

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Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

32 thoughts on “It was still…”

  1. The temperatures are much more comfortable today but I’ll be watering anyway later this afternoon. I’ve also had little interest in gardening in last week’s heat so I suspect there will be a few courgettes waiting for me to pick! You’ve reminded me to go blackberrying on the heath as I quite fancy some blackberry and apple jam this year and I really must see what my potatoes are up to as they’re flowering! I don’t expect they’ll be a big as yours, that one is impressive! Lots to do so …. happy plotting!


    1. Caro it is better now, and there’s been some rain. The blackberries have been abundant and delicious. I hope that you find plenty of potatoes.
      There always is….thanks, and you too. xx


  2. I agree, far too hot to do much in the garden. Seeing your Courgette makes me wonder what happened to my plants as all mine seem to be butternuts. πŸ™‚ yesterday, we had guests round and I made some potatoes salad with my potatoes, and add a handful of chives for my garden too. I used a two of my onions, which were far better this year than last, in my chick pea curry. The greenhouse toms and the ones in my garden are doing well too. The runner bean plants are filling out nicely and are covered in flowers.
    Your roses look beautiful.


    1. Paula it seems that most people find it too hot. I’ve got one butternut which has got some small fruit on it. Your potato salad and chick pea curry both sound delicious.
      It sounds like your tomatoes and runner beans are doing well.
      Thanks, they are lovely blooms. xx


  3. What lovely crops you are getting. The Charlotte potato is a good one; they are such nice potatoes to eat hot, or cool with salads. The blackberries look superb. Your rose obviously loves your plot and is rewarding you! πŸ™‚


  4. Oh good, I’m not too late to sow carrots. I sowed loads at the plot a while back, but I only have one! There were two, but I accidentally pulled one up. My nice plot neighbour gave me two good-sized courgettes when I saw him today. He had some really enormous ones. It’s that time of year again. I just did some watering today, trimmed off the lower leaves on the tomatoes and picked a couple of cucumbers. Then I went to the park and kicked a ball about. I hope you have a good week Flighty, I hear it will be cooler. CJ xx


    1. CJ I was recommended to sow now, but have never tried doing so before. There’s always a glut of courgettes isn’t there. It sounds like you were busy.
      Thanks, you too, and I hope so. xx


  5. The watering gets tiring, doesn’t it Flighty. Lovely looking -and sounding – harvest. I’m enjoying French beans too, and to many courgettes, I really must only plant one next year. You tempt me to get hold of some carrot seed, it would be a nice crop to have in October, I’m still not very good at keeping the kitchen garden productive over the winter, though I do at least have kale to sow this year.


    1. Janet it certainly does at times. Thanks. As well as ending up with too many courgettes the plants take up too much room as well. Go on give the carrots a try. I don’t bother as I think that I would struggle to keep the plot productive all year. xx


  6. It’s been far too hot to do any proper plotting, watering and harvesting fine but no digging for me this past week. My blackberries aren’t anywhere near ripe yet, but I’m picking runner beans now, in fact I’ve had such a good harvest so far that I’ve already started freezing some, and that’s after giving some to my mum and dad too. Pretty Lady looks to be doing really well this year.


    1. Jo my sympathies, I know how you feel. I’m sure that your blackberries will soon ripen. It sounds like you’re doing better than me with runner beans so far. Yes it really is. xx


    1. Paula it sure has. It does doesn’t it, the backberries taste as good as they look. The rose does have a fragrance but not a strong one so I can hardly smell it. xx


  7. Lovely harvest. I love Charlotte potatoes.
    Lucky you to have some rain, it always passes us by. I am fed up with constant watering. Still, I like the heat, it gives me an excuse to lie in my hammock and have deep thoughts and contemplate the Universe. With my eyes closed.


    1. Chloris thanks. Good for you. My sympathies on the lack of rain and constant watering.
      That sounds like a perfect way to while away a sunny afternoon or two. xx


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