What willow?

As I mentioned last week Lucy over at Loose and Leafy is doing Tree following again this year and has now done this excellent post explaining what it’s all about and what to do if you want to take part.

Tree following 2014Even if if you don’t you may well want to look at, or follow, some or all of the blogs which are so you can either bookmark the above link, or you can find it by clicking on the Tree following  image over on the right-hand side.

The allotment site willow treeI’m following the willow just outside the allotment gates, as seen here last September from inside the allotment site.

The first thing that I would like to do is establish what willow it is.  Chloris  says that it looks like a weeping willow (salix babylonica) which I’m happy to go along with.

Happy Tree following!


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31 Responses to What willow?

  1. What an interesting idea. My friend Ana and I take photographs when we are out on our walks so we can look back over our year of walking and see the changes, but to follow one tree is a great idea.

  2. Mo says:

    I wondered if you would be taking part 🙂 Lucy asked me but, as you know, I haven’t blogged for a good while and, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve not been following much either. Hopefully I shall get back into it later this year. I love willow trees.

    • Flighty says:

      Mo hello! Yes I’m pleased that Lucy is doing this again and happy to join in.
      I had noticed that you hadn’t blogged or commented for quite a while and was wondering if you were okay. I hope that you do as I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts. Me too. xx

      • Mo says:

        We’re fine thanks, still in the midst of building work and trying to get our veg plot organised. I’m not sure that I can commit this year but might join the party late. We are blessed with some wonderful & healthy Ash Trees here.

  3. Caro says:

    I’ve been aware of tree following in previous years but always been too late to join in. I’ve now emailed Lucy to ask to join in this year, although not sure whether to go for a decorative Acer sango-kaku or one of the trees on the Heath; It will probably be the 3 Plane trees under my window that were brutally pruned last year. I’m interested to see how/if they recover from that! Thanks for flagging this up, Flighty – nice one!

  4. lovely tree to choose I like willow as well still thinking what tree if I join but will follow you from your blog

  5. Chloris says:

    It looks like a weeping willow: Salix babylonica from where I’m sitting, Flighty.

  6. snowbird says:

    I shall enjoy following your weeping willow throughout the year, a tree I’m very fond of.xxx

  7. elaine says:

    I think my tree will be the ornamental cherry in my garden which will be easy to keep an eye on.

  8. CJ says:

    A lovely idea, I’ve just visited Loose and Leafy and had a lovely blog wander. Just wondering if I know any trees…

  9. Hi Flighty, I love your willow, it does look like the weeping kind, so I can’t wait to see it dripping in catkins later in the year.

  10. Jo says:

    It does look like a weeping willow, one of my favourite trees and yours is a beautiful example. There’s a couple at Temple Newsam, which I post about regularly, right by the lake. The reflections they create are stunning.

  11. Joanne says:

    The willow looks a lovely tree to follow, I’ve been over to the sight but couldn’t find a linky thing to sign up with. If I do manage it my tree will either be a local hawthorn or the greengage tree in the garden.

  12. Glo says:

    Lovely tree to choose, Flighty ~ I’m going to give it a miss because of what happened to Harzel. I’m still going to plant something around his little flat trunk, though.

  13. Orchardier says:

    You’ve inspired me to join in with a bramley apple tree from the orchard. Your willow is a good choice, willows actually support a huge amount of wildlife, you’re going to have an interesting time.

  14. Liz says:

    Gorgeous weeping willow!

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