On the window sill

At home the past couple of years I’ve grown a couple of indoor tomatoes Red Robin. I can’t say that I had many fruit so I’ve been looking at different varieties.

Sweet 'n' neat yellow tomatoesThere’s nothing like a personal recommendation and I see that Sharon, over in New Zealand, has grown, and enjoyed eating, the variety Sweet ‘n’ Neat which is available here in the UK.  It’s actually available in both red and yellow varieties so I’m going to treat myself to a packet of each to grow.

ColeusI’ve also tried growing Coleus blumei Fairway Extra Dwarf Formula Mixed a couple of times without success but will probably try again for the colourful foliage.

Browallia speciosa 'Silver Bells'I think that I’ll also give Browallia speciosa Silver Bells a try for some pretty flowers.

Fingers crossed that come next summer I’ll have all of these on the window sill.

Have a good week!


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24 Responses to On the window sill

  1. Jo says:

    I have two orchids on my windowsill, apart from those I’ve given up with indoor plants. I don’t have as much success with them as outdoor plants and they don’t hold the same attraction somehow. Do give coleus another go, I’ve grown them in the past and they were really easy. Interesting little tomato plants, I look forward to seeing how you go on with those.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo I’m not keen on orchids, but have tried various other indoor plants over the years, usually without much success.
      I’m determined to grow coleus so I’ll keep trying. Me too. xx

  2. elaine says:

    I wish you success with the different tomato variety – perhaps pollination is the problem with them being indoors

  3. Caro says:

    I gave up on indoor plants several years ago as, come springtime, I need all the space for seedlings! If I had bigger windowsills, I’d be tempted to give some indoor tomatoes a go but I’m also not very good at looking after indoor plants for some reason. I expect you’ll be rather good at it! Those coleus are gorgeous colours! Have a lovely week!

    • Flighty says:

      Caro that is always a problem where sill space is limited. I haven’t been much good at it so far but determined to do better next year. Aren’t they just.
      Thanks, and you too. xx

  4. orchardier says:

    Like the idea of growing tomatoes on the window sill, might give it a try myself.

  5. snowbird says:

    Some lovely plants there, I wish you luck!xxx

  6. CJ says:

    Lovely choices Flighty. I didn’t know there are specific windowsill tomatoes. A great idea for those without greenhouses.

  7. Glo says:

    Good luck with your windowsill endeavours, Flighty! It is difficult to grow things indoors and sad results are often the result of poor lighting and too much watering! Hard to know what’s best sometimes.

  8. Sharon. says:

    Thanks for the mention Flighty. Mine are still producing at a rate. I think water is the key, I have a plastic bottle on the windowsill and water them whenever I am passing if the soil feels dry. They get through a lot. I love coleus, but grow them outside. maybe I will try them in the winter inside..

  9. menhir1 says:

    The tomatoes will be worth eating when you have grown them. Yellow ones, rather like the yellow beetroot I grew, seem sweeter and juicier than the other varieties of tomato I usually find. Like you, I have had lack lustre evolutions with the same indoor foliage plants. I’m now limiting myself to Aloevera. One is more attractive than the other. The ‘pretty’ one is grown from a mother plant I was given about eight years ago, which no longer exists. Its bairn does and is doing well!!

    • Flighty says:

      Menhir I agree, and I do grow yellow ones on the plot.
      It seems that many of us have problems with indoor plants. At least you have one which you like and does well. xx

  10. nikkipolani says:

    Coleus is such a fun annual — I hope they will do better for you this time. Here, sometimes they last two seasons. And good luck with that Browalia. I know how you love white flowers.

  11. wellywoman says:

    It depends on the size of your window sill, ours are quite deep, but ‘Totem’ is a good container tomato. It gets a bit bigger than some of the bush tomatoes and really needs a pot about 15-20cm diameter and about 25-30 cm height. It gives very good yields and is very easy to grow. As for my windowsills. They are home to overwintering tender succulents and pelargoniums at the moment and an amarylis and Narcissi ‘Paper White’. x

  12. Excellent, that’s another two tomato varieties to try next year! Good luck with your other windowsill adventures Flighty. I’m pretty rubbish at looking after indoor plants, but I do currently have one of my chilli plants on the kitchen windowsill still producing plenty of fruit for my curries and stir fries and it is still alive, so there may be hope!!

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