Plotting and pottering

Tulips in theseOn Monday morning it was bright, breezy but rather cool so I did some plotting. One of the last items on my to do list before winding down was to plant the tulips once it got colder.  I’ve put them into two large pots and secured old metal hanging baskets over the top to stop squirrels from digging them up.

Pretty Ladies and Twinkling StarsToday it started dull then brightened up but as it had rained most of yesterday it far too soggy to do anything so I just did some pottering. It was nice to look at the still flowering pot marigolds Flighty’s Favourites, Michaelmas daisies Twinkling Stars and roses Pretty Lady.

I could hear the robin singing close by and finally spotted him sitting on one of the teasel stems.

Last nasturtiumI thought that all the nasturtiums had turned mushy in the cold and wet but I found this one last small flower tucked away.

I started pruning the blackberry bush and found one edible fruit, and even better also found one last raspberry.

Have a good weekend!

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[To see how my novel The Mystery Sunglasses* is progressing see Tuesday’s Sofa flying post I’m off to a (sofa) flying… . *Note the new, or rather amended, title.]


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14 Responses to Plotting and pottering

  1. Lovely post Flighty have a nice weekend many thanks for sharing

  2. snowbird says:

    What a good idea re the upside down baskets as squirrel deterrents! Nice you still have the odd flower and the final fruits to nibble. Sighs….you can feel the chill coming in now.xxxx

  3. elaine says:

    A lovely hazy picture of your plot. My nasturtiums are still going strong usually they are a mess right now – but we haven’t had a frost yet. The one thing I miss about not having my plot is my robin friend I expect he wonders where I have got to.

  4. Jo says:

    I haven’t bought any tulips this year, I’m sure I’ll regret it when spring comes around and I’m without them. I might see if I can get some, it’s still not too late to plant them. How lovely to find a couple of berries waiting to be picked, the birds must have missed them.

  5. CJ says:

    The picture of your plot is beautiful. The roses make it perfect. There’s something about allotment sites, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just love seeing pictures of them. Especially when there’s a shed or two. Love the last nasturium flower. No more till next year now.

    • Flighty says:

      CJ thanks. The rose has been blooming almost continuously since June. I think that it’s because they are so different and varied, and as for sheds… Thanks. It’ll be just memories and pictures for a few months. xx

  6. I have come to realize that for me the days I putter in the garden are actually some of the more special times…the days that I actually look at and listen to the garden, hear what it has to say.

  7. What a brilliant way to protect your tulips Flighty! Your plot looks really pretty in the low hazy sunshine. I am still picking a surprising number of raspberries, and no frosts yet so nastrutiums and marigolds all still flowering away.

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