Is it still summer?

I ask as it was sunny and warm this morning when I spent a couple of hours pottering.  The ground is soggy so all I could do was some tidying up round the edges.

There’s been rain and wind this week but thankfully no night frosts  so the dahlia Caribbean Sunset keeps on flowering

Another dahlia 'Caribbean Sunset'

The nasturtiums will finish when there is a frost but meantime they’re all still flourishing

Golden yellow nasturtiums

And among all the pot marigolds I spotted this pretty all yellow one

Yellow pot marigold

I really can’t believe just how many grapes I’ve picked, eaten and even given away. There’s still more to come

More grapes

I spotted a brown, furry caterpillar on the new teasel leaves and a couple of ladybirds elsewhere. There was a white butterfly fluttering about and several, squawking parakeets flew round before settling on the willow tree. Unfortunately they flew off before I could walk over and try to photograph them.

I’ve just looked at the Met. Office forecast for the next few days. It shows fog early tomorrow morning and plenty of rain over the weekend, but still relatively mild.  I guess that it is autumn after all.

Have a good weekend!

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36 Responses to Is it still summer?

  1. Lovely colours still around your plot, Flighty. Summer does seem to still be dragging it’s heels into Autumn as it is still mild here too. No need for heating yet 🙂

  2. Mo says:

    Your Dahlia is glorious! How cheerful. We have an Indian Summer day today too – yesterday was wet and windy and, as you say, it sounds as if we shall return to that this weekend.

  3. Jo says:

    It sounds like you’ve got the better weather, it’s so cold here, dry today but poured down yesterday. I’ve still got dahlias blooming too though, and my Flighty’s Favourites are still going strong. It sounds like you’ve had a great year for grapes, I love sharing my harvests.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Stunning flowers! What variety of grape are you growing? I’m thinking of growing a vine in our garden

    • Flighty says:

      Charlotte thanks. I don’t know what variety it is as Joe my plot neighbour gave it too me. Do some research and I’m sure that you’ll find a suitable one. xx

  5. Caro says:

    I went to Great Dixter last weekend and their dahlias are also still blooming beautifully. They have a grapevine growing along a barn wall in full sunshine and I admit I did sneak one or two – delicious! I think it’s very satisfying to be able to give away excess produce, your neighbours must think themselves very lucky! I must admit I’ve been glad of having the heating on in the past few days as it seems to be getting chillier but if I just looked at your photos, I’d think it was still summer!

    • Flighty says:

      Caro lucky you, I bet that they looked good. That’s the way to grow a vine. Me too, I gave the grapes to Cally and Val in the bookshop where I used to work. I’ve had mine on for a while some evenings as even my pictures didn’t keep me warm enough. xx

  6. Joanne says:

    No, summer has long gone, well it has here anyway. Mist over the fields this morning & though we had sunshine this morning it soon turned to rain. Lovely cheerful flower photos though.

  7. snowbird says:

    Oh ….you’re just plain rubbing it in re the grapes now….lol

    Some lovely bloomers there Flighty, long may they continue. Our weather is most odd, some days it’s lovely others are totally wintry.xxxx

  8. CJ says:

    It certainly still felt like summer today – warm and sunny, lovely. Your flowers are beautiful, especially that stunning dahlia. There’s a little life left yet before winter sets in.

  9. menhir1 says:

    Your stuff flourishes earlier than ours and ours get to the Autumnal stage sooner than yours. Enjoy!


  10. nikkipolani says:

    Wow, the colors certainly POP with that sunshine!

  11. elaine says:

    Your dahlia is still looking lovely – mine finished ages ago, marigolds and nasturtiums still going strong though – still adding a nice bit of colour. Our weather is still up and down but relatively mild so I have been able to get a bit of tidying up done. Have a good weekend.

  12. Lovely post and your flowers are lovely many thanks for sharing and the grapes thinking about growing some have a great weekend yourself

  13. I am so impressed by your grapes Flighty, what vine is it? And yes isn’t it mild, we have had a couple of days recently that felt more like late Spring, though the ground was very wet yesterday when I was planting bulbs.

  14. Jenny says:

    We’ve had a couple of nice days this week, but theres still been a chill in the air that implies that summer is, unfortunately, over. This fairly mild autumn is good for now though 🙂

  15. wellywoman says:

    It’s certainly felt like summer hasn’t it? It’s dull today but I’ll be happy if it stays mild as our boiler is awaiting repair. What variety of grape is it? I’d love to give them a try. What are your tips for growing? There are loads of vineyards in this part of Wales so I guess they like the climate here. Hope you have a lovely weekend. 🙂 x

    • Flighty says:

      Welly it sure has. I hope that your boiler gets repaired soon. Sorry I’ve no idea as Joe my plot neighbour gave it to me. I don’t do much with mine apart from from pruning it in January so I think that you’ll have to ask elsewhere for growing tips. I didn’t know that there were vineyards there. Thanks, and you too. xx

  16. Julie says:

    Lovely flowers Flighty, and grapes. That dahlia is stunning! Hope you have a good weekend too. xx

  17. Glo says:

    A lovely flowery post, with some succulent grapes as well. Always special to eat home grown varieties to know they are fresh and pesticide free!

  18. Liz says:

    Isn’t that the dahlia you had growing last year? It is lovely.

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