It’s mostly tomatoes…

that seem to be the present focus for many gardeners, such as Jo related in her recent post The First Of Many, as the fruits start to ripen and we can enjoy eating them.

Tomatoes on the wayI have to admit that although I have rather shamefully neglected my handful of plants there is fruit on them and one is beginning to turn red.

As ever the worry is will they ripen before  blight strikes as it invariably does over the coming weeks.  One plant that will be okay is the Red Robin that is on the windowsill at home. This is doing well with plenty of flowers and a handful of marble sized fruit that are still green.

Recent friend Sharon’s Patch is in New Zealand so she was ordering tomato seeds, including the wonderfully named Aunt Gerties Gold and Green Sausage, in her post Ode to the Tomato. I had to smile when I read this as she mentions an online supplier that lists 366 varieties!

I’m glad that I’m not a tomato afficionado who grows lots of varieties as choosing from a list that long would be impossible.  I’m happy to just grow the ever popular Gardener’s Delight and a yellow variety such as Golden Sunrise.

Talking of friends it’s good to see that Glo (Porcelain Rose) has recovered from her operation to remove a kidney stone and has been enjoying the summer over in Vancover.  Mo has recently moved from Yorkshire to Cumbria and finds that red squirrels visit her garden. How lucky is that!  

Have a good week!

Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

28 thoughts on “It’s mostly tomatoes…”

  1. for the last 2 years all my tomatoes have stayed green and been turned into my Gran’s yummy chutney recipe from ‘way back when’. So this year I planned more plants to make more chutney. Nope! Nature has intervened once more and I have bowls of lovely ripe red tomatoes. Hahaha you just can’t plan this gardening lark, can you!


  2. Fruit and veg are given some really wonderful names, it often makes me wonder why they’ve been given that particular name. More of my tomatoes are ripening now, and the bush types are literally covered in fruit, so much so that they’re bending over under the strain. Thank you for linking to my post.


  3. Our tomatoes have just started ripening, they seem very late this year. I must admit I am swayed by the names of any type of veg or flower & ‘Aunt Gerties Gold’ sounds wonderful.


  4. I will be cutting down on the different types I try next year – I now know which have the best flavours, which grow well and those which don’t succumb to blight as easily – so I will be sticking to the tried and tested from now on. Thanks for sharing some of your blogging friends – it is always good to find some new like-minded people.


    1. Elaine that sounds good to me, and all you’ve got to do is stick to it.
      You’re welcome, I’m always happy to mention blog friends, old and new, and yes I agree it is. xx


  5. S-in-Law decided not to grow tomatoes this year in her greenhouse, especially, as she knew she would be away over a critical care period of their growth. It happens every year and others have kept any eye on them. I guess though, there is no pleasure in that when what you get at the end of it is very little for the effort. Her hubby grows his veggies irrespective, and because of the weather patterns here, it happens that the veggies begin to be ready for harvesting just as they are about to go away. The end result, when they return, for the remainder, is not brilliant.


  6. I think it’s quite hard to limit yourself when gardening, it can be a bit like being a kid in a sweet shop, I want to try everything. I am appreciating Gardeners Delight, such a reliable variety. Hope you avoid any blight Flighty. x


  7. Thanks for linking me Flighty. From reading a few English blogs I gather that blight is a problem, thankfully it doesn’t seem to be a problem here. Just to make you UK gardeners cherish your tomatoes more they were $18.99 a kilo in the supermarket this week!


    1. Sharon you’re most welcome. Sadly blight is nearly always a problem here, you’re lucky that it’s not there. Goodness that’s about £9-50 which is really expensive, I think that they’re no more than £3 here. xx


  8. I like to try one or two new-to-me varieties every year, I can’t resist it. This year it’s Stupice and Sub Arctic Plenty – so far so good. I made some lovely tomato sauce today. Hopefully there will be plenty more. And there are lots of Sungold which are fantastic for salad and almost never let me down. And I like to grow Ferline because it supposedly has some blight resistance. I do so love it when I get tomatoes!


  9. Tomatoes seem to be hit and miss for many; I don’t have any tomato plants this year, but there’s nothing like the smell and taste of a freshly grown one right off the vine! Good to find out which types have a good reputation of producing well. Thanks for the welcome back link to my blog, Flighty, and for the other links as well! Hope you don’t have to change your name to Blighty’s Plot 😉


  10. Yes, that is tooooo many kinds to choose from! I’d rather have some tried and true tomatoes as my growing experience is already so hit-and-miss (99% miss, actually). But with your hot weather, hopefully all the tomatoes you’ve planted will bear good fruit.


  11. Thanks for the mention! Also, I wasn’t aware of where Glo had been, so thanks for that too.
    We played with different varieties of tomato for a few years but stick to just a few favourites these days – having said that, we grew none this year 😦


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