August flowers

Pink and white cornflowersThe cornflowers are still doing well, and among the mostly blue ones are a few pink, rose and white ones. Sadly there have been no maroon or red ones which seem to be rather uncommon as I can only recollect seeing one or two in past years.

Pink cosmosI’ve only sown the white cosmos Purity the last couple of years, and none this year, yet this pink one has appeared. I’ve really missed not having these this year so will make up for it next year.

Nasturtium 'Tom Thumb'I always grow nasturtiums, including the dwarf variety Tom Thumb.  This red one is only a few inches tall with leaves little more than an inch across.  I’m relieved when they appear as the Chiltern Seeds catalogue says of them…If you can’t grow these, you’d better give up gardening as a hobby! 

Lemon yellow sunflowerDuring the week this lemon yellow sunflower has appeared. I like the colour, which contrasts well with the dark centre. It’s small, only a few inches across, with more to come.

Bee on a globe artichoke flowerLastly plot neighbour Joe has let one of his globe artichokes flower which as you can see the bees appreciate.  I have grown one or two of these in the past, and will again as they are impressive plants.

Have a good weekend!

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Author: Flighty

...allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flying book buff.

26 thoughts on “August flowers”

  1. Lovely to see flowers 🙂 We have very few in our new garden and it is wet & grey here today. Seeing your flowers has cheered me up!


  2. My cornflowers have done particularly well this year too, there are some deep pink ones among the blue & white. Whatever the colour the bees have enjoyed them.


  3. I do love to see cosmos, it has something sweet about it.

    I’ve not seen any maroon or red cornflowers around either….

    Wow…I never seen globe artichoke in flower before. Isn’t it lovely? xxxx


  4. A lovely selection of flowers, Flighty! I’ve been really pleased with a “wildflower garden” grown in a large pot this year – a handful of seed mix has given the garden a splash of colour. I love this time of year as my nasturtium seem to really glow – I’ve grown Black Velvet, Empress of India, Blue Pepe, Milkmaid and Tom Thumb as it’s a flower I love!


  5. Ma-in-law used to grow what she called ‘Tom Thumbs’. I think, though, they may have been a full grown variety, they weren’t particularly dwarf-like. I was interested to see your cornflowers. I may have one or two but not yet flowering. I wait for a short burst, soon, I hope. The other white things I have, do look weedy.


    1. Menhir this is a really small one as they normally grow to around a foot high. I hope that your cornflowers do flower soon. I wonder what the white things are. xx


      1. You wonder what the white things are…you and me both! Apart from the flat-leafed parsely, I’m sure I have planted weed seeds that attract the likes of bees- not on purpose. I’m not that eco-angelic!!!!



  6. Love all of these flowers, I got one artichoke plant, first time I ve grown it. Seeing that flower I am definitely going to let one go to flower. That Tom Thumb is a lovely red. But what catches my eye is that lemon sunflower, I will have to look out for it.


    1. Sharon thanks. I think that’s a good idea. The nasturtium is a deeper red than shown here. Unfortunately I don’t know what variety the lemon sunflower is so you’ll have to look in the catalogues to see what ones are available. xx


  7. Lovely to see your blooms, Flighty! I have a few red nasturtiums growing along with your favorite flowers here.

    ‘Happiness held is the seed;
    Happiness shared is the flower!’


  8. You always have so much colour on your plot, something which mine is lacking. I really must do better with getting some ornamentals on the allotment. I love cosmos and usually grow Purity too.


    1. Jo mine is also my garden hence more flowers than usually seen on most plots. All you need to do is sow a few favourites annuals on the plot. I like that variety best. xx


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