The 2013 big butterfly count…

starts this Saturday,  20th July and ends on Sunday, 11th August. Here are the details, and please take part if you can.

I’m still seeing plenty of Small Tortoiseshells like this one, which I photographed on the blackberry bush Tuesday morning.

Small tortoiseshell butterfly on the blackberries

Have a good weekend!


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34 Responses to The 2013 big butterfly count…

  1. lindasgarden says:

    Reblogged this on My garden and it's Wildlife by Wildlife Linda and commented:
    awesome post I seen plenty too

  2. Have a great weekend, I’m looking forward to taking part x

  3. CJ says:

    That’s a great idea, and just in time for the summer holidays. I’ve noticed quite a few this week and I’ve been studying the chart to see what they are. I think we’ll definitely give it a go.

  4. We don’t seem to have any butterflies around this year, only the white ones !

  5. Jo says:

    That’s a great photo. Butterflies can be so hard to photograph as they flit about so quickly. I haven’t seen many butterflies at all this year, but did see a cabbage white yesterday.

  6. Mark Willis says:

    I have seen hardly any butterflies this year, and they have mostly been Small Whites. There was a time when in July my garden would be heaving with Peacocks, Red Admirals and Tortiseshells. Now to see even one of those is a rare event.

  7. wellywoman says:

    The sunshine has definitely brought out the butterflies. My plot and garden are teeming with them with is such a lovely sight to see. I missed seeing them last ‘summer’. Will hopefully get the chance to do the butterfly count over the coming weeks.

  8. Julie says:

    Great photo flighty :o)

    I’ve printed off the identification chart and I’m all set to join in.. looking forward to taking part and doing my bit.
    Julie x

  9. menhir1 says:

    That’s a gorgeous creature. I saw one dead once, on the office floor in London where I worked. Here, we mostly see white butterflies and there have been quite a few around.

  10. Orchardier says:

    Thanks for the reminder will try and find the time to join in.

  11. NorthernTeacher says:

    Thanks for that, Flighty 🙂 I’m a butterfly conservation member but haven’t had this information!! I’m putting a link on Gardenclickers – haven’t seen you there for a while. Jane

  12. elaine says:

    No butterflies here either only small white ones – hoping that will change when the buddleia flowers.

  13. Doris says:

    Wonderful photo of such a lovely butterfly! I hope many will be counted!

  14. annie_h says:

    Like your other commenters I haven’t seen too many butterflies but just seeing a few more in the last couple of weeks, this sun will help. I’ll have a look at that Flighty, thanks for informing us. Must try and take part.

  15. snowbird says:

    I too have seen precious few butterflies this year, I think the cold spring killed many of them off, I even have cabbages un-netted this year as I’ve hardly had any cabbage white butterflies. I will deffo take part.xxxx

  16. nikkipolani says:

    Well done, YOU! Great image, Flighty.

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