At the weekend

RhubarbI’m sure Town Mouse’s Rhubarb Rhubarb post yesterday will be one of several I’ll be reading over the coming weeks about this fruit.  At the weekend I’ll probably pick a few sticks off mine which has now grown to a reasonable size. 

The yellow tulips againThe weather forecast for the weekend is looking good so I’m sure people will be keen to spend it in the garden or on the plot.

If not then why not enjoy a walk in the countryside. Have a look at the VisitWoods and WalkingBritain websites for plenty of inspiration.

Here’s another picture of my yellow tulips, which are also my new header.

Have a good weekend!

[Click on either picture to see a larger image]

PS…Tuesday’s post over on Sofa flying was Odd one out.


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34 Responses to At the weekend

  1. Jo says:

    How lovely your new header looks, tulips in the sunshine, what could be better? I do hope the weather lasts in to the weekend, we’re hoping for a trip out somewhere, but there’s lots of jobs around the garden and allotment to do too.

    • Flighty says:

      Jo thanks. The forecast here is looking good right through into next week, let’s hope it’e the same everywhere. Enjoy yourselves whatever you do. xx

  2. Joanne says:

    A lovely header it is too. I am hoping for Rhubarb crumble this weekend served with ice cream. Take care.

  3. elaine says:

    the new header is so bright and cheerful – full of sunshine. I think I may pull a few sticks too this weekend – first of the year.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Our rhubarb is still to slender to pull…. we will have to wait. Have a lovely weekend

  5. Hannah says:

    Oh, I’m so jealous. I’ve just planted my rhubarb this year, it’s come up but I’ll have to wait another two years before picking it. Savour your’s!

  6. Beautiful header, Flighty. So warming with the sun shining on them 🙂
    I have tasted my neighbour’s rhubarb crumble….and it was yummy. Our rhubarb has been around for at least 36 years and still going strong. I am really looking forward to the forecasted warm weekend too, especially as my bro is coming over to visit for his 60th. He loves sitting in my “Sheebeen” surrounded by my plants. He better do a bit of weeding too 🙂

    • Flighty says:

      Cath thanks. It’s something that seems to go on forever doesn’t it.
      It sounds like you’re going to have a grand weekend, so enjoy. xx

  7. Anonymous says:

    Your tulips look perfect Flighty hope you have a good weekend plotting. X

  8. nikkipolani says:

    Perfect weather for plotting! Here, not too much as we reached a ridiculous 92F (33C) today.

  9. I’m not a tulip fan but they look very good in your header.

  10. wellywoman says:

    Loving the new header. 🙂 Just picked some more rhubarb for poaching in orange juice and ginger tonight. How do you eat yours? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we had a glorious long weekend. Fingers crossed. Enjoy yours. WW x

  11. Flighty says:

    Welly thanks. That’s sounds delicious. I usually just stew mine and have with a sprinkling of demerara sugar. I do give some to someone who in return makes me a small crumble with some of it. It looks like we will here so let’s hope that you will too. xx

  12. annie_h says:

    Yep rhubarb gets a mention in my latest blog post. Its a delicious crop.
    Here’s hoping that we get a good weekend of weather and we can all be busy.
    I love your new header, bright and sunny.

  13. How lovely to give your sunshine tulips a starring role in your header. Enjoy your weekend Flighty, I hope the plotting is productive and peaceful.

  14. menhir1 says:

    Our weather pattern is so different to the rest of the UK – it’s cold and, we’d be lucky to get a dry-ish spell to put out washing to dry. A reasonably good day during the week, when we visited Inverness-Shire, encouraged us to take the most extensive walk we’ve been able to do for sometime. I’m living on the memory of it. Today, Saturday, is overcast and not in the least bit promising.

    I read your notes on weather, and at this time of the year I realise how great the differences are in temperature. One day last week there was a gap of 15 degrees C between your warmth levels and ours! As we are only talking about 20 degrees C at your end, you can get the feel of it. xx

  15. Flighty says:

    Menhir it really is very different isn’t it. At least you managed a good walk which I’m sure was welcome. It’s bright and breezy here, and was threatening to rain earlier.
    I hope that the weather there warms up soon as that is much too chilly for this time of year! xx

    • menhir1 says:

      We wait in hopes for double temperature figures – even low ones-you’re right it is too cold for the time of year. Added to the wind chill, it was extremely blustery here, too. The indoor plants are settling in. I haven’t looked at the outdoor ones, they’ll have to do their own thing for now. xx

  16. CJ says:

    Delicious. I picked the first of mine last week and made a crumble. The last portion is sitting in the fridge waiting to be argued over. Wish I had time to visit the plot this weekend, but alas it will have to wait until next week I think. Hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend and bank holiday.

    • Flighty says:

      CJ a good thing about rhubarb is that there’s usually plenty of it. I hope you’re enjoying the weekend, even though you’re not plotting. xx

  17. Caro says:

    Instant sunshine! Love it! Yet again, I missed the window for planting tulips and now, yet again, regret it. Next year, eh? Your readers are certainly rhubarb lovers! I’ve nurtured a plant from seed, Glaskins Perpetual, which I’ll be able to pick from next spring. A friend offered me some from her allotment which I’ll be using for making a rhubarb cake – cake with rhubarb in the middle and a crumble topping. Definitely not for dieting days!

    • Flighty says:

      Caro these were planted rather late. I’ll be planting more later in the year which will hopefully act as a reminder for you.
      Although I grow my own plot neighbours are always saying ‘Help yourself to some rhubarb’! The cake sounds delicious, so enjoy. xx

  18. snowbird says:

    Your tulips are wonderful! And the header sure looks cheery!!!

    I’m most jealous re your rhubarb, mine is hardly up at all!xxxx

    • Flighty says:

      Snowbird thanks. It’s a shame that they’re so short lived though.
      I picked and had the first of mine today. It sounds like yours is a later variety! xx

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