I enjoyed doing the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch over the weekend when I saw some feral and wood pigeons, a magpie, a handful of chaffinches along with a couple each starlings, blackbirds, dunnocks, blue and great tits.

I see most of those each day soon after it gets light, and then at various times through the day. The starlings have only appeared in recent weeks, but sadly there are far fewer than in previous years, whilst the great tits tend to flit in and out so I don’t see them regularly.

Seagulls on a streetlightI didn’t count the seagulls that I see as they stay out on the street and often perch on one of the nearby street lights.

Someone who enjoyed doing the count with her dad was Daffy as she recounted in her post Bird Watching Afternoon.  It’s good to see her blogging again after a long absence.

I’ve also started reading a rather different book about birdwatching which I mentioned over on Sofa flying in Tuesday’s post Birds in a Cage.

Have a good weekend!


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24 Responses to Birdwatching

  1. snowbird says:

    A lot of birds numbers are reducing sadly….magpies, wood pigeons and feral pigeons always seem to do well though. I did the bird watching and was pleased to note that sparrows and wrens numbers are up in my garden this year.xxxxx

  2. Jo says:

    That’s a respectable count. I get quite a lot of starlings in my garden, they’re always after the suet blocks I hang, they love them. I have the odd great tit, certainly not as many as the blue tits which visit.

  3. Joanne says:

    Its an enjoyable way to spend an hour . I was happy to include greenfiches this year.

  4. menhir1 says:

    Feathered friends are keeping you busy, Mr F.

  5. Lovely to see all the birds in your garden.

  6. Glo says:

    I’m sure you enjoyed your birdwatching and I was also happy to see Daffy blogging again. She always wangles a smile or two 🙂

    Completely unrelated, but I was wondering if the fancy biscuits that were left under your care to share with the Sunday shed group, ever got there, or if they somehow dissipated while you were sofaflying? 😉

    Also, after reading your blog about the mystery book, Dying in the Wool, I was able to search it down through the regional library site. I found a copy available in the smallest library I’ve ever been in…a tiny closet of a room…about 45 min. drive from here. Unfortunately, it was the only one of the series available, however, I enjoyed the book.

    • Flighty says:

      Glo I always enjoy birdwatching. Yes Daffy always makes us smile doesn’t she.
      The biscuits were shared by all of us over the past two Sundays, although I have to admit I probably had just slightly more than my fare share.
      That library sounds amazing. I hope that you get to read the others in the series as they’re all as good. xx

  7. nikkipolani says:

    That’s not bad when you weren’t expecting too many birds. I was out watering the other morning. There was frost along the rooftops, but I guess the hummingbirds thought it was a good a time as any to get a bath — so they drank and fluttered in and out of the spray from the hose while I stood by.

  8. daffy says:

    You had a good count and I saw no seagulls! We always laugh that one day we are going to tally up our numbers and its going to read – 1 Sparrow hawk! hehe Luckily I have brave birds, or foolhardy birds in the North East. 🙂

  9. I was given ‘The Running Sky’ by Tim Dee for Christmas. I’m a bit daunted as I’m not a bird person.

  10. Not a bad haul Flighty – I only managed a robin and a couple of blackbirds, the others were all in hiding…

  11. elaine says:

    It has been a good winter for birdwatching for us and we had quite a list – today I saw a male bullfinch on the plum tree and a woodpecker on the fat balls.

  12. wellywoman says:

    Glad to see you enjoyed doing the Birdwatch. I didn’t get the chance to do it, unfortunately. It’s good to see you get dunnocks visiting, I very rarely see them. I love seeing starlings, they are really characterful little birds. It hasn’t been a great year for birdspotting in my garden. I think the relatively mild weather means they stay in the hedgerows.

    • Flighty says:

      Welly thanks, it’s always an enjoyable hour. That’s a shame. Dunnocks are often an overlooked bird being so plain. There was a handful of starlings this morning squabbling away as usual. Let’s hope that you get to see more birds. xx

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